Jackson County, OR Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Jackson County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ace of Hearts Silver
Ace of Hearts Charles O. Mcdonald Unknown Silver
Afterthought Myrl Hogue Silver
Afterthought Mine Unknown Silver
Al Sarena Unknown Silver
Al Sarena Unknown Silver
Al Sarena Project Fischer-Watt Gold Co., Inc. Silver
Al Sarena Project Fischer-Watt Gold Co., Inc. Silver
Antimony Lode Silver
Antimony Prospect Silver
Antimony Prospect Silver
Antimony Prospects Unknown Silver
Applegate Dam Silver
Applegate Dam Peter Kiewit And Sons National Forest Silver
Ashland Mine Unknown Silver
Ashland Mine Private Silver
Barron Mine Davenhauer, Joe Private Silver
Barron Mine Private Silver
Bee Hive BLM Administrative Area Silver
Bee Tree W. W. Winningham Unknown Silver
Bell and Mankins Mine Silver
Betty Silver
Betty Joe Foylick Unknown Silver
Big Buck Claim BLM Administrative Area Silver
Big Buck Prospect Catala, J. L. Silver
Bill Nye Mine Private Silver
Blanche Claim Silver
Blanche Claim BLM Administrative Area Silver
Blossom Silver
Blossom Mine Unknown Silver
Blow Snake National Forest Silver
Blow Snake Collinga, A. E. National Forest Silver
Blue Bell Silver
Blue Bell Mc Manus, F. W. Unknown Silver
Blue Jay Antimony National Forest Silver
Bowden Private Underground Silver
Braden Mine Private Unknown Silver
Braden Mine Private Silver
Bratcher #10 Prospect National Forest Silver
Bratcher No. 10 Silver
Buck Point Silver
Buck Point BLM Administrative Area Silver
Buckskin Silver
Bula Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Bull of the Woods Prospect Private Silver
Burnt Pine 1-2-3 Anderson, Charles Unknown Silver
Call of the Wild Private Silver
Call of the Wild Unknown Silver
Calumet Silver
Calumet Silver
Carbonate Silver
Carbonate Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Cascade View Mine Private Silver
Cascade View Prospect Private Silver
Casey Silver
Casey Silver
Charlotte Rood, Ira Silver
Charlotte Ira Rood Silver
Collins National Forest Silver
Collins W. S. Collins National Forest Silver
Columbine Claim Silver
Copper Occurrence BLM Administrative Area Silver
Copper Occurrence Silver
Corporal G Silver
Corporal G Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Dixie Queen Hollas, E. J Silver
Dixie Queen Mine Unknown Silver
Double Jack Barlow Brothers Silver
Double Jack Mine Barlow Brothers Partnership Private Silver
Dunromin Private Silver
Dunromin Mine Unknown Silver
Eagle Silver
Eagle Mine Unknown Silver
Erickson Prospect D. D Erickson BLM Administrative Area Silver
Fakir Silver
Fakir J. R. Hoffman Unknown Silver
Fleming Private Silver
Foots Creek Placers Private Silver
Forest Lane C. E. Loftus Unknown Silver
Four Spot Silver
Four Spot Charles Mcdonald Unknown Silver
Free Gold Silver
Free Gold M. F. Barlow National Forest Silver
Gammill Placer Unknown Silver
Gammill Prospects Silver
Gold Chloride County Unknown Silver
Gold Chloride Prospect Unknown Silver
Gold Note Williams, Mr. Private Silver
Gold Note Unknown Silver
Gold Pan Silver
Gold Pan Group National Forest Silver
Gold Plate Silver
Gold Plate Silver
Gold Ridge Silver
Gold Ridge Mine Unknown Silver
Golden Plume Russ Mitchell BLM Administrative Area Silver
Golden Plume Russ Mitchell, Medford Silver
Golden Road Silver
Golden Road Silver
Golden Thistle Silver
Golden Thistle Jones, A. Unknown Silver
Grange Gulch Silver
Grange Gulch Bostwick, Andrew W. Unknown Silver
Great I Am Silver
Great I Am Mine Unknown Silver
Growler Private Silver
Growler Mine E. S. Keith Unknown Silver
Grubstake Silver
Haskins & Traverso National Forest Silver
Heath Silver
Heath Property Private Silver
Hematite Arthur Pierce National Forest Silver
Hematite Mine National Forest Silver
Hidden Treasure Silver
Hollow Tree Silver
Hollow Tree Fred Owen Unknown Silver
Iron Crown Silver
Iron Crown H. C. Whitney Unknown Silver
Jim Dandy Fred Dodge Unknown Silver
Judson Claim BLM Administrative Area Silver
Judson Claim Unknown Silver
Junction Claims George Averis Silver
Junction Mine Gust Agerio National Forest Silver
Kane Creek Placers Private Silver
Kane Creek Placers Silver
Kubli Tom Lowell Private Silver
Kubli Unknown Silver
Lady Sue Silver
Lady Sue Unknown Silver
Last Resort Silver
Laurel Claims National Forest Silver
Little Arctic Chauncy Florery Silver
Little Arctic Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Little Johnny Private Silver
Little Johnny BLM Administrative Area Silver
Little Moon Lofdohl, Herman L. National Forest Silver
Lone Eagle Unknown Silver
Lone Eagle Prospect Private Silver
Lookover Silver
Lookover Harley Hall Unknown Silver
Lost Silver
Lost Walter Demmer Unknown Silver
Lucky Bart R. G. Adams Private Silver
Lucky Bart Group Unknown Silver
Lucky Boy W. R. Swacker Unknown Silver
Lucky King James Moore Unknown Silver
Mammouth Lode George Moore And Edward Pease National Forest Silver
Max Claim BLM Administrative Area Silver
Max Claim Silver
Mc Lemore & Hampson's BLM Administrative Area Silver
Mclemore & Hampsons Claims Unknown Silver
Millionaire Private Underground Silver
Molybdenum Prospect Private Silver
Molybdenum Prospect Silver
Mountain Queen Foster, William Silver
Mountain Queen Foster, William Silver
Nellie Wright Private Silver
Nellie Wright Unknown Silver
None Such Private Silver
None Such Mine Unknown Silver
Norling Mine Private Silver
Norling Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
North Pole Kenneth Robinson Unknown Silver
Old Great Eastern Group Unknown Silver
Opp Private Underground Silver
Opp Mine Unknown Silver
Pleasant Creek Placers Private Silver
Producer Charles Paup Unknown Silver
Ramsey Lake Silver
Red Bell Silver
Red Bell Sol Waine Unknown Silver
Red Gold Silver
Red Gold Gust Augeris National Forest Silver
Reed Private Silver
Reed & Fletcherone Unknown Silver
Reed Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Revenue Pocket Silver
Rhotan Pocket BLM Administrative Area Silver
Safeway Ray And Glenn Scott Unknown Silver
Schnack Bros. 1 & 2 National Forest Silver
Schnash No 1 & 2 Unknown Silver
Shander Mine Unknown Silver
Shorty Hope Private Silver
Shorty Hope Mine Unknown Silver
Silver Occurrence Silver
Silver Occurrence Silver
Sinniger J. H. Sinniger Unknown Silver
Skyline Silver
Skyline Mine National Forest Silver
Smuggler Prospect Silver
Smuggler Prospect Silver
Solomon Group Miller, William H. Unknown Silver
Squaw Creek Copper National Forest Silver
Standing Buck # 1-2 Frank Norton Unknown Silver
Star Mine Silver
Star Mine Unknown Silver
Sterling Gold Quartz Mining Co. Silver
Sterling Gold Quartz Mining Co. Unknown Silver
Sylvanite Silver
Sylvanite Mine Silver
The Star Freeman K. Walker Unknown Silver
Tinpan Silver
Town Mine Private Silver
Trust Buster Silver
Trust Buster Silver
U.S. Government Land Ed Rhoten Unknown Silver
Warner Leeman, Leonard Private Silver
Warner Prospect Private Silver
Willow Springs W. A. Mansfield Unknown Silver
Woolf Tungsten Woolf, Guy Private Silver
Woolf Tungsten Silver
Wright Mine Silver
Wright Mine Unknown Silver
Yellowjacket National Forest Silver
Yellowjacket Silver
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