Jackson County, OR Manganese Mines

Manganese Mines in Jackson County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alice Group Manganese
Bailey Property Private Manganese
Bailey Prospect Gold Hill Area Bailey Manganese
Big Buck Claim BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Big Buck Prospect Catala, J. L. Manganese
Big Chief Property Rudd, Herbert Manganese
Big Chief Property BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Big Jim Prospect Manganese
Big Jim Prospect Osborne, A. L. Manganese
Burdic Group Manganese
Burris Prospect Manganese
Burris Prospect J. A Burris Manganese
Bush Ranch Manganese
Bush Ranch Manganese Unknown Manganese
Call of the Wild Private Manganese
Call of the Wild Unknown Manganese
Charlotte Rood, Ira Manganese
Charlotte Ira Rood Manganese
Columbine Claim Manganese
Coon Creek Unknown Manganese
Coon Creek Claims Private Manganese
Dixie Queen Hollas, E. J Manganese
Dixie Queen Mine Unknown Manganese
Erickson Prospect Private Manganese
Erickson Prospect D. D Erickson BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Evans Creek Prospect Private Manganese
Evans Creek Prospect Timber Products Corp Manganese
First Hope Manganese
First Hope Unknown Manganese
Flume Gulch Prospect BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Flume Gulch Prospect Federal Bureau Of Landmanagement Manganese
Fox Prospect Manganese
Fox Prospect Unknown Manganese
Grand Cove Prospect Manganese
Homestake Claim Manganese
Homestake Claim Unknown Manganese
Iron Occurrence National Forest Manganese
Lee Private Manganese
Little Pittsburgh Burdick And Griffin Unknown Manganese
Manganese Prospect Manganese
Manganese Prospect Manganese
Mc Lemore & Hampson's BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Mclemore & Hampsons Claims Unknown Manganese
Millionaire Private Underground Manganese
Millionaire Mine Unknown Manganese
Moses & Collins Claims National Forest Manganese
Newstrom Ranch Private Manganese
Newstrom Ranch Prospectlakecreek Pech, Gus Manganese
Nichols Prospect Manganese
Patrick Manganese National Forest Manganese
Patrick Manganese National Forest Manganese
Peters Manganese Manganese
Peters Prospect W. H. Peters Manganese
Revenue Pocket BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Scott Manganese Prospect Manganese
Scott Manganese Prospect Unknown Manganese
Shamrock Manganese Private Manganese
Shamrock Mine R. D. Semon BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Star F Ranch Unknown Manganese
Star F. Ranch Private Manganese
Starr Prospect Private Manganese
Starr Prospect Charles V Starr Manganese
Taylor Manganese
Taylor Prospect Manganese
Tyrrell Mine Private Manganese
Tyrrell Mine Tyrrell Manganese Co Unknown Manganese
Unnamed Manganese Prospect Unknown Manganese
Vestal Group Manganese
Vestal Group J. S Vestal Manganese
Ward Creek Manganese Private Manganese
Woods Prospect Private Manganese
Woods Prospect Mrs. Gladys Woods Manganese
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