Jackson County, OR Mercury Mines

Mercury Mines in Jackson County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alco Creek Mercury
Alco Creek Mercury
Ash Prospect E. C. Tams, John Carter BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Ash Prospects BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Birdseye Creek Mercury
Birdseye Creek Mine Mercury
Birdseye Creek Mine Mercury
Bonita H. S. Musson BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Bonita Mine BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Booth Mercury
Booth BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Brick Pile Mine Unknown Mercury
Brick Pile Prospect Timber Products Co. National Forest Mercury
Brownsboro Clay Unknown Mercury
Chisholm S. F. And J. W. Chisholm Surface/Underground Mercury
Cinnabar Mountain W. B. Webb Underground Mercury
Cinnabar Mountain W. B. Webb Mercury
Copus Mercury
Copus Prospect National Forest Mercury
Curl Unknown Mercury
Dave Force Mine Mercury
Dave Force Mine BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Dawson Mercury Prospect Carl Dawson Surface/Underground Mercury
Dawson Mercury Prospect Carl Dawson Mercury
Donaldson Mercury
Donaldson Prospect Mercury
Donaldson Prospect Unknown Mercury
Forty - Nine Diggings Phillips (Estate) Private Mercury
Forty-Nine Diggings Private Mercury
Frost Mercury
Frost Claims BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Hilltop Mercury Unknown Mercury
Hopeless R. A. Myers And Marcel Klimek Mercury
Hopeless Unknown Mercury
Jeedness & Rhodes National Forest Mercury
Jeldness and Rhodes Clarence Stevens National Forest Surface/Underground Mercury
Jolly Prospect BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Jolly Prospect National Forest Mercury
Juby Lode Wade Crawford National Forest Mercury
Juby Lode National Forest Mercury
Laurel Claims Mercury
Laurel Or Rainbow Mercury
Long Branch Federal Mercury
Long Branch Mine Unknown Mercury
Lucky 13 Prospect Bob And Lloyd Ferns And Martin And Henry Schnack BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Lucky 13 Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mammoth Lode Mercury
Mammoth Prospect R. A. Myers BLM Administrative Area Mercury
Mammoth Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mammouth Lode George Moore And Edward Pease National Forest Mercury
Max Gulch Mercury
Meadows August Singler Private Underground Mercury
Meadows Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mercury Occurrence J. M. Williams Mercury
Midnight Joseph Madden And Orval H. Peterson Private Mercury
Midnight Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mocks Gulch Prospect R. A. Mitchell And D. A. Wright Mercury
Mountain King Elizabeth Whipple And Charles H. And Josephine H. Ba Private Underground Mercury
Mountain King Mine Unknown Mercury
Murphy Prospect Robert Wells Federal Underground Mercury
Neil Rock Mercury
Neil Rock Mercury
Neil Rock Mercury
No Name Prospect National Forest Mercury
Palmer Creek Doodlebug Mining Co. (Joe Inman, Joe Fitzpatrick) Federal Mercury
Palmer Creek National Forest Mercury
Phillips Phillips (Estate) Private Surface/Underground Mercury
Phillips Mine National Forest Mercury
Pitt View Adams, T. P. Mercury
Pitt View Unknown Mercury
Poole and Pence Prospects G. R. Moore Surface/Underground Mercury
Poole and Pence Prospects Unknown Mercury
Rayome Prospect R. C. Brewer Federal Mercury
Rayome Prospect Unknown Mercury
Red Chief Prospect Mercury
Red Star Cinnabar Unknown Mercury
Red Star Prospect Donald O'Brien National Forest Mercury
Rogue River Min Unknown Mercury
Rogue River Prospect Van Galder, A. C. Private Surface/Underground Mercury
Roosevelt Group Mercury
Roosevelt Group Placer Unknown Mercury
Roxana Paul Matson Federal Mercury
Ruby Mines Mercury
Ruby Quicksilver Prospect Arthur Jeldness National Forest Mercury
Ruby Quicksilver Prospect Unknown Mercury
Seventy Three Federal Mercury
Seventy-Three Cinnabar Group Unknown Mercury
Shull Mercury
Siskiyou Gap Prospect Gordon Mehl National Forest Surface/Underground Mercury
Siskiyou Gap Prospect National Forest Mercury
Stanley and Brown Prospect R. A. Brown Private Surface/Underground Mercury
Stanley and Brown Prospect R. A. Brown Mercury
Steamboat Cinnabar E. W. Kubli National Forest Surface/Underground Mercury
War Eagle Timber Products Co., E.W. Steinbeck Private Underground Mercury
War Eagle Coal Area Private Surface/Underground Mercury
War Eagle Coal Area Mercury
Webb-Tainor National Forest Mercury
Woodpecker Claims Unknown Mercury
Woodpecker Group Mercury
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