Douglas County, OR Mercury Mines

Mercury Mines in Douglas County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Abeene Mercury
Abeene Mercury
Allen Prospect Mercury
Allen Prospect Unknown Mercury
B and H Federal Mercury
Baldwin Mercury
Baldwin Mercury
Banfield South Umpqua Mining Co. National Forest Unknown Mercury
Bonanza Mine Private Unknown Mercury
Bonanza Mine Clifford Bryden Unknown Mercury
Boulder Divide Road No. 2844 National Forest Mercury
Boulder Divide Road No.2844 National Forest Mercury
Brushy Butte Martha Preble Mercury
Brushy Butte Mercury
Buena Vista Steve Cooper And Bernard Young National Forest Unknown Mercury
Buena Vista Unknown Mercury
Butte Prospect Giles Hunt Private Mercury
Butte Prospect Unknown Mercury
Chaney Mercury
Chaney Mercury
Drew Mercury
Drew Mercury
Drew Prospect National Forest Mercury
Drew Prospect National Forest Mercury
Elkhead Mine Private Unknown Mercury
Elkhead Mine Alcona Mining Co. Unknown Mercury
Elkhorn Claims Carl Bergman Mercury
Elkhorn Claims National Forest Mercury
Evans Group S. E. Evans Mercury
Evans Group Mercury
Flat Claim Leroy Wehde Mercury
Flat Claim Mercury
Foster Creek Gold Prospects National Forest Mercury
Foster Creek Gold Prospects National Forest Mercury
Garden Mines Garden, William L. And Others Mercury
Garden Mines Mercury
Glide Prospect Mercury
Glide Prospect Mercury
Gopher Guy Pennell National Forest Mercury
Gopher Mine Unknown Mercury
Harkins Mercury
Harkins Mercury
J&L Cinnabar Unknown Mercury
J. L. Prospect Vernon Lerwill And Charles Jackson National Forest Mercury
James R. National Forest Unknown Mercury
James R. Group Unknown Mercury
Laurel C. L. Hartley And H. J. Dean National Forest Mercury
Laurel Group Unknown Mercury
Longbrake Douglas Co. Private Unknown Mercury
Longbrake Prospect Unknown Mercury
Lucky Cuss Claims Federal Mercury
Lucky Cuss Claims Mercury
Lucky Cuss Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 David Crispen And Others Mercury
Lucky Cuss Nos. 1-4 Mercury
Lucky Strike R. H. Dale And R. E. Folley Mercury
Lucky Strike Mercury
Lucky Strike No. 1 Robley Hopkins Mercury
Lucky Strike No. 1 Mercury
Manning Mercury
Manning Mercury
Maud S. Steve Cooper And Bernard Young Unknown Mercury
May Mercury
May Mercury
Mills Prospect Unknown Mercury
Mills Prospect Unknown Mercury
Morris Mercury
Morris Mercury
Mother Lode Mine Unknown Mercury
Myrna - Thelma Nos. 1 & 2 H. E. Rogers And Others Mercury
Myrna-Thelma Nos. 1 and 2 Mercury
Nivinson F. E. Nivinson And F. M. Adams Federal Mercury
Nivinson Prospect National Forest Mercury
Nonpareil Mine Nonpareil Quicksilver Co. Unknown Mercury
Nonpareil Mine Nonpariel Quicksilver Co. Unknown Mercury
Oregon Mercury Corp. Mine Unknown Mercury
Poor Boy W. E. Belcher, Emmett Belcher National Forest Mercury
Poor Boy Prospect Unknown Mercury
Red Cloud Mine Mrs. B. E. Hanson Private Unknown Mercury
Red Hill No. 1 S. E. Evens Mercury
Red Hill No. 1 Mercury
Ross Claims National Forest Mercury
Ross Claims Mercury
Rowe Prospect Mercury
Rowe Prospect Mercury
South Umpqua Mining Company Banfield Copper, Inc. National Forest Mercury
Sutherland Private Mercury
Sutherland Prospect Unknown Mercury
Thomason Mrs. N. J. Bergman And Carl Bergman Mercury
Thomason Group Unknown Mercury
Thompson Marvin Thompson Mercury
Victory Placer Mine Unknown Mercury
Wilson Prospect Mercury
Wilson Prospect Unknown Mercury
Wilson Prospect Mercury
Wilson Prospest Harry Paselk Private Mercury
Wonder Claim Unknown Mercury
Young Prospect Mercury
Young Prospect Unknown Mercury
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