Jackson County, OR Uranium Mines

Uranium Mines in Jackson County, OR

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Canyon Creek Mining Co. Uranium
Dawn Marie Claim BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Dawn Marie Claim Uranium
Hanson Ranch National Forest Uranium
Hanson Ranch Uranium Private Uranium
Henry & Betty Shaknis Prospect Unknown Uranium
Henry and Betty Shanknis Diggings Uranium
Little Johnny BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Mark I Group Uranium
Mark I Group Uranium
Mcculley Prospect Unknown Uranium
Nellie Wright Private Uranium
Nellie Wright Unknown Uranium
Tower Rock Prospect BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Tower Rock Prospect Private Uranium
Trail Uranium BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Trail Uranium Canyon Creek Mining Co. Uranium
Unknown George Degroote Uranium
Unknown D. C. Maple Uranium
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