Gold Hill, OR Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Gold Hill, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bee Hive BLM Administrative Area Silver
Bill Nye Mine Private Silver
Blanche Claim Silver
Blanche Claim BLM Administrative Area Silver
Blossom Silver
Blossom Mine Unknown Silver
Bowden Private Underground Silver
Braden Mine Private Unknown Silver
Braden Mine Private Silver
Buckskin Silver
Bull of the Woods Prospect Private Silver
Carbonate Silver
Carbonate Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Cascade View Mine Private Silver
Cascade View Prospect Private Silver
Corporal G Silver
Corporal G Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Dixie Queen Hollas, E. J Silver
Dixie Queen Mine Unknown Silver
Dunromin Private Silver
Dunromin Mine Unknown Silver
Eagle Silver
Eagle Mine Unknown Silver
Erickson Prospect D. D Erickson BLM Administrative Area Silver
Forest Lane C. E. Loftus Unknown Silver
Gold Plate Silver
Gold Plate Silver
Gold Ridge Silver
Gold Ridge Mine Unknown Silver
Heath Silver
Heath Property Private Silver
Jim Dandy Fred Dodge Unknown Silver
Kane Creek Placers Private Silver
Kane Creek Placers Silver
Kubli Tom Lowell Private Silver
Kubli Unknown Silver
Little Johnny Private Silver
Little Johnny BLM Administrative Area Silver
Lone Eagle Unknown Silver
Lone Eagle Prospect Private Silver
Lucky Bart R. G. Adams Private Silver
Lucky Bart Group Unknown Silver
Mc Lemore & Hampson's BLM Administrative Area Silver
Mclemore & Hampsons Claims Unknown Silver
Millionaire Private Underground Silver
Nellie Wright Private Silver
Nellie Wright Unknown Silver
Ramsey Lake Silver
Reed Private Silver
Reed Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Safeway Ray And Glenn Scott Unknown Silver
Sinniger J. H. Sinniger Unknown Silver
Smuggler Prospect Silver
Smuggler Prospect Silver
Solomon Group Miller, William H. Unknown Silver
Standing Buck # 1-2 Frank Norton Unknown Silver
Sylvanite Silver
Sylvanite Mine Silver
Tinpan Silver
Trust Buster Silver
Trust Buster Silver
Willow Springs W. A. Mansfield Unknown Silver
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