Jacksonville, OR Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Jacksonville, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ace of Hearts Silver
Ace of Hearts Charles O. Mcdonald Unknown Silver
Bee Tree W. W. Winningham Unknown Silver
Bell and Mankins Mine Silver
Blue Bell Silver
Blue Bell Mc Manus, F. W. Unknown Silver
Fleming Private Silver
Foots Creek Placers Private Silver
Golden Thistle Silver
Golden Thistle Jones, A. Unknown Silver
Grange Gulch Silver
Grange Gulch Bostwick, Andrew W. Unknown Silver
Hollow Tree Silver
Hollow Tree Fred Owen Unknown Silver
Iron Crown Silver
Iron Crown H. C. Whitney Unknown Silver
Last Resort Silver
Lookover Silver
Lookover Harley Hall Unknown Silver
Lost Silver
Lost Walter Demmer Unknown Silver
Lucky King James Moore Unknown Silver
Max Claim BLM Administrative Area Silver
Max Claim Silver
Norling Mine Private Silver
Norling Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Opp Private Underground Silver
Opp Mine Unknown Silver
Producer Charles Paup Unknown Silver
Red Bell Silver
Red Bell Sol Waine Unknown Silver
Reed & Fletcherone Unknown Silver
Revenue Pocket Silver
Rhotan Pocket BLM Administrative Area Silver
Shander Mine Unknown Silver
Sterling Gold Quartz Mining Co. Silver
Sterling Gold Quartz Mining Co. Unknown Silver
Town Mine Private Silver
U.S. Government Land Ed Rhoten Unknown Silver
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