Williams, OR Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Williams, Oregon

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Afterthought Myrl Hogue Silver
Afterthought Mine Unknown Silver
Antimony Lode Silver
Antimony Prospects Unknown Silver
Applegate Dam Silver
Applegate Dam Peter Kiewit And Sons National Forest Silver
Blue Jay Antimony National Forest Silver
Blue Jay Claim Federal Silver
Blue Jay Claim National Forest Silver
Charlotte Rood, Ira Silver
Charlotte Ira Rood Silver
Dark Canyon Private Silver
Dutch Ledge Private Silver
Dutch Ledge Silver
Exchequer Mine Private Silver
Exchequer Mine Private Silver
Fakir Silver
Fakir J. R. Hoffman Unknown Silver
Four Spot Silver
Four Spot Charles Mcdonald Unknown Silver
Gold Mine Maverick Resources, Inc National Forest Silver
Gold Pan Silver
Gold Pan Group National Forest Silver
Golden Plume Russ Mitchell BLM Administrative Area Silver
Golden Plume Russ Mitchell, Medford Silver
Great I Am Silver
Great I Am Mine Unknown Silver
Humdinger Slade, George Private Unknown Silver
Humdinger Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Iron Mine National Forest Silver
Iron Mine Silver
Laurel Claims National Forest Silver
Mountain Lion Mine Private Silver
Mountain Lion Prospect BLM Administrative Area Unknown Silver
None Such Private Silver
None Such Mine Unknown Silver
Oregon Bonanza Mine Wallace Osteyell, San Francisco California Private Silver
Oregon Bonanza Mine Private Silver
Quartette Silver
Quartette Tardiff, Aime Unknown Silver
Rose Quartz Silver
Rose Quartz H. L. Keyte Unknown Silver
Snow Bird Dave Vallagigham BLM Administrative Area Silver
Snow Bird Unknown Silver
Star Mine Silver
Star Mine Unknown Silver
Unnamed Prospect Maverick Resources, Inc. Silver
Wright Mine Silver
Wright Mine Unknown Silver
Yellowjacket National Forest Silver
Yellowjacket Silver
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