Yavapai County, AZ Uranium Mines

Uranium Mines in Yavapai County, AZ

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Abe Lincoln Leroy R Smith Mixed Uranium
Abe Lincoln Mine Private Underground Uranium
Anderson Minerals Exploration Mixed Uranium
Arizona Black Donkey D. B Armistead Mixed Uranium
Best Best Mixed Uranium
Chevron Lease Chevron Usa Inc State Uranium
Congres Mine, Patented 878 Echo Bay Mines, Ltd. Mixed Uranium
Congress Mine Underground Uranium
Cuba Mine Underground Uranium
Date Creek Project Urangesellschaft BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Energy Reserve Group Permits Energy Reserves Group Mixed Uranium
Energy Reserves Lease Energy Reserves Group Mixed Uranium
Ethiopia Mine State Underground Uranium
Farview Group L. D. Jackson And L B Brockman National Forest Uranium
Happy Jack MS 920 Hillside Mining And Milling Co BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Hillside Mine Private Underground Uranium
Huffman Bob Huffman Mixed Uranium
Jg Western Surveyors Mixed Uranium
Kitten Claim W. D Moore Mixed Uranium
Kitten No. 1 Claim BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Kwar Pathfinders Mine Corp And Public Service Co Of Okla Mixed Uranium
Lucky Probe N. J Trotter, H E Carlson, V E Wells Mixed Uranium
Mammoth Mine M. J., W. A., And Mrs Mary Lawler Underground Uranium
Marlene North Lease and Claims Marlene Uranium Mixed Uranium
Marlene South Lease and Claims Marlene Uranium Mixed Uranium
Miller Christofferson and Dore Miller Christofferson And Dole Mixed Uranium
Miss Tracy Ralph B Feffer National Forest Uranium
Money Metals Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Uranium
Mountain Springs Mine Federal Underground Uranium
P R Equity Herbert A Ludwig National Forest Uranium
Peeples Valley Mixed Uranium
Planet Saturn D. M Fairweather, Geo Morgan, A V Moore Mixed Uranium
Pretty Folly Audrie G Harrison National Forest Uranium
Rattler Group Russ French BLM Administrative Area Uranium
Shamrock Mining & Development Uranium
Shamrock Mining and Development Kenneth James Mixed Uranium
Silver Flake Mine Underground Uranium
Smoki 1-9 Don Bechetti National Forest Uranium
Sp Atlas Corp. Mixed Uranium
Sumo Daniel Jacobs And Walter Holden Mixed Uranium
Tiptop Grace Johnson, Mr Shultz And Mr St Clare Mixed Uranium
Uranium Aire Groups Uranium Aire Inc Mixed Uranium
Uranium Ore Claims Gaither Mixed Uranium
Uranus Uranium
White Arrow Red Arrow Trotti And Williams Mixed Uranium
White Cloud Lease and Claims White Cloud Mining Co Mixed Uranium
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