Yavapai County, AZ Silica Mines

Silica Mines in Yavapai County, AZ

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Atlas Copper Silica
Atlas Copper Atlas Copper Inc Mixed Silica
Big Iron Hematite C. W Stephens Mixed Silica
Black Chief Cole, Anthony National Forest Silica
Black Magic #1 Carl J Peterson National Forest Silica
Black Magic Prospect National Forest Underground Silica
Black Pearl John Lawler State Silica
Black Pearl Mine State Underground Silica
Blue Bell Magnetite-Hematite National Forest Silica
Blue Bell Mine and Quarry Sherwood B Owens National Forest Silica
Blue Bell Siding Mixed Silica
Bright Star White, William Mixed Silica
Brindle Pup National Forest Silica
Buckhorn Group Silica
Bullard Mine Underground Silica
Burmister Mine Underground Silica
Cash Mine National Forest Underground Silica
Cash Reserve National Forest Silica
Castle Hot Springs Silica
Cobalt Mixed Silica
Copper Crown John Sullivan State Silica
Cuba Mine Underground Silica
Dixie Queen Private Silica
Etta Patent M S 833 National Forest Silica
Etta Mine Underground Silica
Fat Jack Silica
Gladstone-Mccabe Mine National Forest Underground Silica
Gold Bar Mine Underground Silica
Goodwin Magnetite Taconite National Forest Silica
Hayden James, Albert And Rozema, Wes BLM Administrative Area Silica
Iowa Group Silica
Iowa Group Roese Mining Co National Primitive Area Silica
Iron Chancellor E. Ray Cowden National Forest Silica
Last Found Silica
Little Giant Hing, Ally Mixed Silica
Longfellow Ridge Magnetite Taconite National Forest Silica
Lucky Probe N. J Trotter, H E Carlson, V E Wells Mixed Silica
Mammoth Silica
Mammoth Mike And Bill Lawler Mixed Silica
Mardis Mixed Silica
Monte Cristo Arizona Minerals Inc.- Chet Cheatwood BLM Administrative Area Silica
New Hope Russell, Gladys And Jacklyn BLM Administrative Area Silica
New Hope Prospect Gladys And Jacklyn Russel BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Silica
Niagara Claims Mixed Silica
Niagara Mine Private Underground Silica
O'Brien Jack And Dorothy Devault Mixed Silica
Outpost Extension Prospect Federal Silica
Outpost Mine Federal Surface/Underground Silica
Patented Claims M S 2050 Elizabeth Roberts Mixed Silica
Pine Creek Magnetite Taconite National Forest Silica
Quarries Silica
Queen of Mica BLM Administrative Area Silica
Red Star Bullock And Losee BLM Administrative Area Silica
Shylock Elmar Mining Co National Forest Silica
Side Bet Claims Thomas Grey Mixed Silica
Side Bet No. 1 and 2 Silica
Stanton Magnetite Taconite Mixed Silica
Swallow Charles C Brown And Steven F Wagoner Mixed Silica
United States Del Peterson National Forest Silica
United States Mine Silica
Unnamed Pegmatite Silica
Unnamed Quartz Vein Silica
Vidano Bert Vidano Mixed Silica
Vojnich Group Paul Vojnich National Forest Silica
Wansfell Silica
Weepah Mixed Silica
White Jumbo Prospect Federal Silica
Wren Silica
Wren Howard Baker And Murray Wachter Mixed Silica
Yellow Jacket, Last Chance, Etc Peters, Wayne Mixed Silica
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