Yavapai County, AZ Beryllium Mines

Beryllium Mines in Yavapai County, AZ

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Berrys Wonder C. J Berry Mixed Beryllium
Big Reef Mineral Mountain Mining Co Mixed Beryllium
Black Pearl John Lawler State Beryllium
Black Pearl Mine State Underground Beryllium
Buena Vista Rupert Spivey Beryllium
Climax Mine James Kaler BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Beryllium
Dixie Queen Private Beryllium
Happy Jack MS 920 Hillside Mining And Milling Co BLM Administrative Area Beryllium
Homestead Claim Beryllium
Independence Kenneth Sprik Mixed Beryllium
Independence Mine Underground Beryllium
Independence Prospects BLM Administrative Area Beryllium
Jeep Claims Mixed Beryllium
Juniper Beryl Group Verda Lode Mining Co National Forest Beryllium
Lone Giant Anderson Brothers Mixed Beryllium
Lone Giant Prospect BLM Administrative Area Beryllium
Long Dike Earl F Anderson Mixed Beryllium
Long Dike Mine BLM Administrative Area Surface Beryllium
Lower Jumbo BLM Administrative Area Beryllium
Lower Jumbo Mine Federal Beryllium
Lukes Hoist Area National Forest Beryllium
Mgm Galloway And Raymond Murphy Mixed Beryllium
Midnight Owl Mine Beryllium
Midnight Owl Mine Federal Beryllium
Midnight Owl Mine Anderson, Sidney B. Mixed Beryllium
Monte Cristo Arizona Minerals Inc.- Chet Cheatwood BLM Administrative Area Beryllium
New Hope Russell, Gladys And Jacklyn BLM Administrative Area Beryllium
P and G Beryl Palmer, W. L. Mixed Beryllium
Peeples Valley Mixed Beryllium
Phenacite King National Forest Beryllium
Picacho View Mine Federal Surface/Underground Beryllium
Tip Top Tip Top Mining Co National Forest Beryllium
Tungstona Mine Underground Beryllium
Vasser Mica National Forest Beryllium
Warrell Claims Cyprus Bagdad Co Mixed Beryllium
White Picacho District Beryllium
White Rock National Forest Beryllium
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