Yavapai County, AZ Clays Mines

Clays Mines in Yavapai County, AZ

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Camp Verde Deposit Bill Sturges National Forest Clays
Camp Verde Salt Mine Clays
Chalk Mountain Deposit National Forest Clays
Clarkdale Clay Quarry Clays
Clay Claims Clays
Clay Claims John Womack And Frank Henderson Mixed Clays
Dave 1-4 Clays
Dave 1-4 Manhatton Resources Inc Mixed Clays
Dewey Ranch Clay No. 1 Clays
Dewey Ranch No. 2 Clays
Favour Pipestone Deposit Clays
Gypsum and Kaolin Deposits National Forest Clays
Krueger Krueger, H. S. Mixed Clays
Larson Quarry Clays
Larson Quarry National Forest Clays
Little Jimmie Claim Clays
Lyles Hectorite Mine Gsa Resources, Inc. Clays
Mccarthy Clay Clays
Meershaum Clays
Meershaum Mixed Clays
Quarries National Forest Clays
Sepiolite Occurrence Clays
Sink To Rise Block Estate National Forest Clays
Sultan Dora L Haynes And Eugene Tracey BLM Administrative Area Clays
Verde River Deposit Clays
Verde River Deposit National Forest Clays
White Clay Clays
White Clay Wayne Alexander Etal Mixed Clays
White Cloud Lease and Claims White Cloud Mining Co Mixed Clays
White Hills Lithium James Stewart Co BLM Administrative Area Clays
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