Inyo County, CA Stone Mines

Stone Mines in Inyo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alliance Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Alliance Talc Mine and Irish Lease Talc-Soapstone
Anvil Spring Canyon Deposit Talc-Soapstone
Apex Prospect Talc-Soapstone
Apex Workings Talc-Soapstone
Arletta Talc Mine Private Talc-Soapstone
Bendire Canyon Mine Whittaker, Norman A. Military Reservation Limestone
Blue Star Talc Mine Talc-Soapstone
Blue Stone Talc Mine National Forest Talc-Soapstone
Bobcat Claims Talc-Soapstone
Bonham Talc Mine Benjamin J. Bonham, Los Angeles, Ca. BLM Administrative Area Talc-Soapstone
Bonny Mine National Monument Talc-Soapstone
Building Stone BLM Administrative Area Stone, Dimension
Chicago Valley Limestone
Comet Pit Pfizer, Inc. Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Crystal Springs Mine Talc-Soapstone
Crystal Springs Talc Mine Billy E. Carter Unknown Talc-Soapstone
D. R. Mar Jak National Forest Talc-Soapstone
Davis Well Unknown Limestone
Stone, Dimension
Death Valley Onyx Deposit Tweed, Fletcher Unknown Gemstones
Stone, Dimension
Dolomite #1 Unknown Stone, Dimension
Donna Loy Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Doris Dee Talc Mine Robert Wilson, Mariposa, Ca. Private Talc-Soapstone
Eagle Mountain Building Stone BLM Administrative Area Stone, Dimension
East End Mine Talc-Soapstone
East End Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Eclipse Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Eleanor Talc Claim Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Emigrant Pass Unknown Stone, Dimension
Eureka Talc Talc-Soapstone
Excelsior Pit Pfizer, Inc. Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Florence Talc Mine Benjamin J. Bonham, Los Angeles BLM Administrative Area Talc-Soapstone
Frisco Talc Mine Talc-Soapstone
Frisco Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Giant Mine Mary Lou Walbergh Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Grantham Mine Federal Talc-Soapstone
Green Giant Marble Nos. 1-8 Gordon Lavigne, Sierra Marble Ltd. National Forest Stone, Dimension
Green Rock Prospect BLM Administrative Area Talc-Soapstone
Gulch Group Talc-Soapstone
Hard Scramble Prospect Talc-Soapstone
Holiday Nos. 1, 2, and 4 International Pipe/Ceramics Corp Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Ibex Mine Pfizer, Inc. Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Imus Mine Talc-Soapstone
Inyo Marble Quarry Industrial Rock Products, 20801 Kendall Dr San Bernardin National Forest Limestone
Irish Lease Talc-Soapstone
J.D.G. Emily May, Betty Ann John Powers, Et Al, Unknown Stone, Dimension
Keeler Mill Cyprus Industrial Minerals Talc-Soapstone
Kenny Mammoth Pfizer, Inc. Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Lakeview Quarries Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Lakeview Talc Mine Talc-Soapstone
Lenbec Talc Min Talc-Soapstone
Lenbec Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Lime Hill Limestone Deposit Limestone
Lime Hill No. 1 Unknown Stone, Dimension
Little Sand Spring Agate BLM Administrative Area Gemstones
Lone Pine Quarry Indusrial Rock Products Unknown Stone, Dimension
Long Trail Robert Wilson BLM Administrative Area Talc-Soapstone
Longhorn Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Luceil Peak Unknown Stone, Dimension
Lucky Slim Tkt Mining Corp BLM Administrative Area Talc-Soapstone
Mammoth Mine National Monument Talc-Soapstone
Manganese Nos. 1-4 National Park Service National Monument Limestone
Markley Cyprus . Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Mazourka Rare Ii Area National Forest Talc-Soapstone
McIlroy property Mr. McIlroy (deceased) BLM Administrative Area Underground Talc-Soapstone
Mizpah Talc-Soapstone
Mongolian Pit National Monument Talc-Soapstone
Montgomery Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Mount Tom Talc Mine Talc-Soapstone
Nikolaus Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Panamint Valley Quarry Unknown Limestone
Paul Pit and Mill Unknown Stone, Dimension
Premier Marble Products Unknown Stone, Crushed
Prospect BLM Administrative Area Stone
Rainbow Mine Stone, Dimension
Red Ampitheater Stone, Dimension
Red Hill Cinder Pit Private Stone, Crushed
Revenue Canyon Quarry Kerr-Mc Gee Chemical Corp. Unknown Limestone
Rodgers Limestone National Forest Stone, Crushed
Sad Mistake Claim Granville Cherry Unknown Stone, Dimension
Silver Dollar Edith Lockhart And G. Koest Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Snow Flake Mine Glen W. Akin, Keeler, Ca. BLM Administrative Area Talc-Soapstone
Talc Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Talc City Hills Unknown Stone, Crushed
Talc City Mine Talc-Soapstone
Talc City Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Talc Prospect Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Tecopa Pit and Mill Unknown Stone, Dimension
Timmy Deposit Talc-Soapstone
Tinemaha Rip-Rap Quarry Caltrans Stone, Crushed
Tough Deposits Glen Thomas, R. J. Dickerson Baker Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Trinity Talc Talc-Soapstone
Trinity Talc Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Try Again Limestone
Try Again Limestone
Tuff Whittaker, Norman Unknown Stone
Unnamed Prospect Unknown Stone
Unnamed Prospect Talc-Soapstone
Unnamed Prospect Limestone
Unnamed Prospect BLM Administrative Area Stone
Valley Mine Metalline Industries, Inc. Unknown Limestone
Victor Consolidated Private Talc-Soapstone
Victor No. 1 Talc-Soapstone
Victory Talc Talc-Soapstone
Victory Talc Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Viking Talc Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Walker Prospect Talc-Soapstone
Warm Spring Talc Talc-Soapstone
Water Canyon Tuma Corp. Unknown Stone, Crushed
White Crest Prospect Talc-Soapstone
White Eagle Talc Mine Talc-Soapstone
White Eagle Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
White Mountain Talc-Soapstone
White Quarry Inyo Marble Co. Stone, Dimension
White Star Talc Claim Private Talc-Soapstone
White Swan Mine Talc-Soapstone
White Swan Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Willow Creek Talc Mine Talc-Soapstone
Willow Creek Talc Mine Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Wine Fluorspar Talc-Soapstone
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