Tulare County, CA Stone Mines

Stone Mines in Tulare County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Abramson and Bode Unknown Limestone
Allen Unknown Limestone
Alles Unknown Limestone
Blossom Peak Unknown Limestone
Blue Creek Canyon Limestone Limestone
Blue Gem Turquoise Prospect Smith, Stephen R. BLM Administrative Area Gemstones
Britten Granite Pit L. E. Britten Construction Stone, Crushed
Brown Borrow Pit Brown, Carl Adair Stone, Crushed
Cemetery Borrow Pit Ira Dunlap Stone
Stone, Crushed
Cortner Group Unknown Limestone
Deer Creek Chrysoprase Unknown Gemstones
Dicky Unknown Stone
E.A. Orton Property Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Fort Hill Unknown Limestone
Fountain Springs Borrow Pit King, L. Shan Stone, Crushed
Fountain Springs Borrow Pit Hunsaker, William Stone, Crushed
Frazier Valley Borrow Pit Bar Rg Ranches Stone, Crushed
Gibbon Creek Limestone Limestone
Gill Borrow Pit Gill, Lee Stone, Crushed
Grant Unknown Stone, Crushed
Holdridge Unknown Limestone
Hungry Hollow Borrow Pit Alley, William Stone, Crushed
Hunsaker Borrow Pit #2 Hunsaker, William Stone, Crushed
Hunsaker Quarry Hunsaker, William Unknown Stone, Crushed
James Unknown Stone, Dimension
Lavelle Deposit Unknown Limestone
Ledbetter Borrow Pit Hunsaker, Ed Stone, Crushed
Lemon Cove Pit & Mill No 133 Thomas Cairns Unknown Stone, Crushed
Lindsay Chrysoprase Unknown Gemstones
Muller Granite Pit J. G. Muller Private Stone, Crushed
Old Soldier Unknown Gemstones
Onyx # 1 & 2 National Forest Gemstones
Patterson Borrow Pit Patterson, Rodger M. Stone, Crushed
Porterville Black Granite Quarry Unknown Stone
Porterville Borrow Pit Tescon, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Porterville White Granite Quarry Unknown Stone
Red Knob Prospect BLM Administrative Area Gemstones
Richmond Borrow Pit Oliver And Sons, Inc. Stone, Crushed
Shannon Quarry Deer Creek Rock Co. Stone, Crushed
Springville Borrow Pit Chris Miller Stone
Stone, Crushed
Stokes Mountain Chrysoprase Unknown Gemstones
Sugar Lime National Forest Limestone
Travertine Pool Placer Mining Claim National Forest Stone, Crushed
Unnamed Location Unknown Gemstones
Unnamed Location Unknown Talc-Soapstone
Unnamed Location Unknown Stone
Worth Unknown Limestone
Stone, Crushed
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