Santa Barbara County, CA Stone Mines

Stone Mines in Santa Barbara County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Acin Quarry Sepulveda Building Materials, Inc. Flagstone
Airox Inc Casmalia Pit Unknown Stone, Crushed
Bee Rock Quarry John F. Blakemore Unknown Limestone
Colson Canyon Pit Number 2 Unknown Stone
Colson Summit Quarry Antolini And Sons Flagstone
Doty Pit Parks Land And Cattle Co., Inc. Stone, Crushed
Dr. Mosby Lomboc Quarry Unknown Stone, Crushed
El Jaro Quarry L. S. Hawley Corp. Stone, Crushed
Flagstone Quarry Stone
Flagstone Quarry Unknown Stone, Dimension
Gann Quarry Gann, T. J. Unknown Stone, Crushed
Hogan Quarry Unknown Stone, Crushed
L.S. Hawley Co. Unknown Stone
Las Cruces Quarry Antolini And Sons Flagstone
Las Cruces Quarry Unknown Limestone
Las Cruces Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Limestone Deposit Limestone
Limestone Deposit Limestone
Limestone Deposit Unknown Stone, Dimension
Limestone Deposit Unknown Limestone
Lind Deposit Unknown Stone, Dimension
Live Oak Shale Quarry Live Oak Ranch Stone, Crushed
Miguelito Canyon Quarry Dewayne Holmdahl Stone, Crushed
Quarry Unknown Stone, Dimension
San Marcos Pass Quarry G. Arnoldi, 1133 E. De La Guerra St, Santa Barbara, Ca. National Forest Stone, Dimension
Sanford Quarry Sanford Quarry Stone, Dimension
Santa Maria Stone Quarry Antolini And Sons Unknown Flagstone
Schuyler Pit Unknown Stone
Sierra Blanca Limestone Unknown Limestone
Sierra Blanco National Primitive Area Limestone
Tepusquet Quarry Number One Unknown Stone, Dimension
Tolbert Pit Unknown Stone, Dimension
Unnamed Limestone Deposits Unknown Limestone
Unnamed Limestone Occurrence Unknown Limestone
Unnamed Location Stone, Crushed
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