Tulare County, CA Chromium Mines

Chromium Mines in Tulare County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Bowlin Mine Private Chromium
Bowlin Mine Chromium
Earl Smith Mine Private Chromium
Earl Smith Mine Fred And Will Gill Chromium
Gill Mine Gill Brothers Cattle Co. Private Chromium
Gill Mine Chromium
Gill Ranch Mine Private Unknown Chromium
Gill Ranch Mine Boston Ranch Co. Private Underground Chromium
Holston Mine Private Surface/Underground Chromium
Holston Mine Holston, Howard V. Private Underground Chromium
James Mine Private Chromium
James Mine Chromium
Lewis Hill Chromite Prospect Unknown Chromium
Prospect Near Holston Chrome Private Chromium
Sattlefield Mine Chromium
Scattlefield Mine Gill Brothers Cattle Co. Private Chromium
Venice Hills Robert Goldsmith Private Surface Chromium
Waddell Gill Bros Cattle Co. Unknown Chromium
Waddell Mine Chromium
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