Inyo County, CA Sulfur Mines

Sulfur Mines in Inyo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Big 4 Iron Military Reservation Surface/Underground Sulfur
Big El Dorado Sulfur
Crater Mine American Sulfur Products Sulfur
Crater No 1-6 Unknown Sulfur
El Dorado Lode No. 6 Sulfur
Fraction and Southwest Sulfur
Le Cyr Deposit J. R. Le Cyr Sulfur
Midas No. 5 Sulfur
Sally Joe BLM Administrative Area Sulfur
Soliz & Vaseta Sulfur
Sulfur Queen BLM Administrative Area Sulfur
Texas American Nos. 67 and 68 Sulfur
Tiki No. 6 Sulfur
Un-Named Military Reservation Surface/Underground Sulfur
Unnamed Prospect Sulfur
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