Inyo County, CA Manganese Mines

Manganese Mines in Inyo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
April Fool Claims Manganese
April Fool Claims Manganese
Black Diamond BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Black Dream R. C Troeger Manganese
Black Dream Deposit Manganese
Caffee Manganese Mine National Forest Manganese
Campbell Deposit Manganese
Cliff Springs W. Roper And M. L. Baker Federal Manganese
Connard Brothers Claims Manganese
Coso Manganese
Death Valley Claims Manganese
Geronimo Deposit Manganese
Geronimo Prospect Ben Grier Manganese
Inyo Gold Mine National Park Manganese
Inyo Gold Mine National Monument Manganese
Keeler Mine Manganese
Lillie Mine Manganese
Lillie Mine F. W Chappelle Federal Manganese
Manganese No. 1 and No. 4 Claims Manganese
Manganese Nos. 1-4 National Park Service National Monument Manganese
Manganese Prospect BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Manganite Gr Manganese
Manganite Group Unknown Manganese
O.B.J. Mine Surface/Underground Manganese
O.B.J. Mine Unknown Manganese
Orr Claim Manganese
Orr Claim Frank W Orr Manganese
Paul Imlay Prospect Manganese
Runge Claim Manganese
Runge Claim Chris Runge Manganese
Sally Joe BLM Administrative Area Manganese
Summit Lode Naval Weapons Center Military Reservation Surface Manganese
Third Chance and K Group E. P Underwood Manganese
War Baby Deposit Manganese
War Baby Deposit Manganese
Wingate Wash Manganese
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