Inyo County, CA Clays Mines

Clays Mines in Inyo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ballarat Saponite Prospect Clays
Bentonite Placer Prospect Clays
Black Springs Clay Gladding-Mc Bean And Co. Unknown Clays
Blanco Prospect Clays
Brown Mud Co. Prospect Unknown Clays
Centennial Flat Clay Mine Southern Sierra Mining Clays
Cyprus Mines Corporation Unknown Clays
Death Valley-Tecopa Unknown Clays
East Eagle Mountain BLM Administrative Area Clays
Hectorite Mine Imv/Floridin Clays
Ibex-Bentonite Pfizer, Inc. Unknown Clays
Kaolin Mine Clays
Kingfish No. 1 Prospect Clays
Kingfish No. 2 Prospect Clays
Lake View Unknown Clays
Laws Custom Mill Standard Industrial Minerals, Inc. Clays
Little Sand Spring Bentonite BLM Administrative Area Clays
Owens Lake Clay Unknown Clays
Red Ampitheater Clays
Shoshone Bentonite Unknown Clays
Southeast Mineralized Zone Clays
Unnamed Prospect Clays
Vermillion Canyon Pits Southern Sierra Mining Clays
White King Industrial Mineral Venturess Unknown Clays
Yellow Heart Prospect BLM Administrative Area Clays
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