Inyo County, CA Tungsten Mines

Tungsten Mines in Inyo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Adamson National Forest Tungsten
Adamson Mine Paniminas Inc. Private Underground Tungsten
Aeroplane National Forest Unknown Tungsten
Aja Tungsten Claims Tungsten
Alameda Mine Tungsten
Alta Mine Tungsten
Alum Canyon Prospect Tungsten
Alvord Tungsten
Alvord Mine Unknown Tungsten
Bakoch National Forest Tungsten
Bakoch Tungsten Prospect Unknown Tungsten
Basin Mountain Tungsten
Betty Jumbo Jumbo National Forest Tungsten
Beverly Military Reservation Tungsten
Beverly Unknown Tungsten
Big Ram Extension Claims Tungsten
Birch Creek Rare Ii Area National Forest Tungsten
Bishop Concentrate and Cleaning Co. National Forest Tungsten
Black Diamond BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Black Monster National Forest Tungsten
Blue Crystal Nos. 1-6 National Forest Tungsten
Blue Dipper Group National Forest Underground Tungsten
Brackett Tungsten National Forest Tungsten
Bright Star Group Unknown Tungsten
Brownstone National Forest Underground Tungsten
Brownstone Unknown Tungsten
Bruce National Park Tungsten
Bruce Unknown Tungsten
Bucharets Prospect Tungsten
Buckshot National Forest Tungsten
Buckshot Unknown Tungsten
Buckwheat Nos. 1-5 Tungsten
Buttermilk Tungsten
C A Proper Tungsten Property Military Reservation Tungsten
Cbu Mine Tungsten
Chipmunk Unknown Tungsten
Chipmunk Claim Tungsten
Clark and Johnson Lease Tungsten
Copper Queen Tungsten
Cuprotungstite BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Darwin & Other Mines Tungsten
Darwin Dist. Tungsten - 0060270687 Tungsten
Darwin Dist. Tungsten - 0060270687 Tungsten
Darwin District Tungsten
Darwin Group Tungsten
Darwin Mines ARCO (Anaconda Mining Company) - Last known owner-operator BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Defiance Unknown Tungsten
Division Creek National Forest Tungsten
Division Creek National Forest Tungsten
Division Creek-Apex National Forest Tungsten
Draper Tungsten Property Federal Tungsten
El Diablo Mining Co Tungsten
Emergency Tungsten
Emergency Group Unknown Tungsten
Emerson Key Nos. 1-8 Prospect Tungsten
Feldman Military Reservation Underground Tungsten
Feldman Claim Military Reservation Tungsten
Firestone Mill Firestone Mining Industries, Inc. Unknown Tungsten
Glacier Nos. 1-4 Prospect Tungsten
Golden Mirage & Mariposa Claims F. N Peregoy, Madera National Forest Tungsten
Hanging Valley National Forest Tungsten
Hanging Valley Unknown Tungsten
Hayward Mine Tungsten
High Noon Mine National Monument Tungsten
Hill Top Tungsten
Hilltop Prospect Unknown Tungsten
Holiday Claims National Forest Tungsten
Huntley Industrial Minerals, Inc. National Forest Tungsten
Indian BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Irons Property National Forest Tungsten
Jackass Private Tungsten
Jumbo Tungsten
Ke-Nyo-Tal Prospect BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Kelso Tungsten Mine National Forest Tungsten
Keogh Military Reservation Tungsten
Keogh Group Military Reservation Tungsten
Lakeview National Forest Tungsten
Lambert National Forest Tungsten
Last Rose Unknown Tungsten
Little John Nos. 1-5 Tungsten
Little John Prospect Tungsten
Little Mcgee Creek Underground Tungsten
Little Mcgee Creek Unknown Tungsten
Little Shot Tungsten
Little Sister Tungsten
Little Sister National Forest Tungsten
Lone Pine Unknown Tungsten
Lone Pinyon Tungsten
Lookout Prospect Unknown Tungsten
Lucky Strike Surface/Underground Tungsten
Mac Van Claim National Forest Tungsten
Macvan National Forest Tungsten
Marble National Forest Underground Tungsten
Merrill Prospect National Forest Tungsten
Mickey Sommers Group Tungsten
Middle Peterson - 0060271940 Unknown Tungsten
Midnite Glow BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Midnite Nos. 3 and 4 Tungsten
Mile High Mine Group 7 Unknown Tungsten
Molly Tungstite National Forest Tungsten
Molly Tungstite Claims National Forest Tungsten
Monarch Underground Tungsten
Monarch BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Montecito Minerals Co. Unknown Tungsten
Moon Mining Co. Tungsten
Moonlight Mine Gordon La Vigne Private Underground Tungsten
Mount Humphreys Cirque Claims Tungsten
Mount Tom Nos. 1-4 Prospect Tungsten
Mountain Basin Underground Tungsten
Mountain Kid Military Reservation Tungsten
Mountain Kid Group Military Reservation Tungsten
Mountain View National Forest Tungsten
Munsinger Tungsten
Nev-Cal Copper No. 1 Tungsten
Noble Nos 1-8 and Wdc Nosd. 1-5 Firestone Mining Industries, Inc. National Forest Tungsten
Oweas Peak Unknown Tungsten
Pacific Tungsten Co Tungsten
Paiute Rare Ii Area National Forest Tungsten
Panamint District Tungsten
Panamint Mines Private Tungsten
Panamint Tungsten Deposits Tungsten
Panyo Military Reservation Tungsten
Pappy #1 Keith Kummerfeld, Palmdale, Ca. Unknown Tungsten
Pickup National Forest Underground Tungsten
Pine Creek National Forest Tungsten
Pine Creek Apt Plant Avocet Tungsten Inc (Sub Of Avocet Ventures Inc.) Private Tungsten
Pine Creek Mine Pine Creek Tungsten Mining Llc National Forest Underground Tungsten
Promontory Mine Tungsten
R & R Claims Tungsten
R & R Claims Tungsten
Ratcliff Mine Underground Tungsten
Red Mountain Creek Claims Tungsten
Rossi Tungsten
Rossi Tungsten
Rossi Unknown Tungsten
Round Valley Underground Tungsten
Round Valley & Deep Canyon Area Tungsten
Round Valley Mine James B Bennett-Roundvalley Tung Private Underground Tungsten
Round Valley Peak National Forest Tungsten
Saline Valley Tungsten
Scheelite Group Tungsten
Scheelite Nugget National Forest Underground Tungsten
Schober National Forest Tungsten
Schober and Merrill National Forest Surface/Underground Tungsten
Shannon Creek Tungsten National Forest Tungsten
Shasta Rose National Forest Tungsten
Sheephead National Park Tungsten
Shorty Harris National Park Tungsten
Shorty Harris Mine National Park Tungsten
Sierra Chief Nos. 1-8 Tungsten
Silver Reef Mine Private Tungsten
Snow White Nos. 1-5 Prospect Tungsten
Sonny Boy National Forest Tungsten
St. Charles Quintana Minerals Corp. Private Tungsten
St. Charles Group - 0060271926 Unknown Tungsten
St. Charles Mine Tungsten
Stewart Private Tungsten
Stray Dog National Forest Tungsten
Sunnyboy National Forest Tungsten
Superior Tungsten Prospects Tungsten
Target Tungsten
Tate National Forest Tungsten
Tip Top Tungsten
Toga Mine Tungsten
Trail Canyon Prospects Unknown Tungsten
Tungstar National Forest Tungsten
Tungstar Mine National Forest Tungsten
Tungsten Blue Surface/Underground Tungsten
Tungsten Blue Unknown Tungsten
Tungsten City National Forest Tungsten
Tungsten Occurrence National Forest Tungsten
Tungsten Peak Tungsten
Tungsten Peak Unknown Tungsten
Tungsten Queen Prospect Tungsten
Tungsten Valley National Forest Tungsten
Tungsten Valley - 0060270062 Tungsten
Ubehebe Distict Tungsten
Unnamed Prospect Tungsten
Upper Peterson Tungsten
Van Loon Tungsten
Van Loon Unknown Tungsten
Victory National Forest Tungsten
Victory Unknown Tungsten
Victory Tungsten Syndicate Unknown Tungsten
Waucoba Tungsten
Western Tungsten
Western Tungsten Mine Tungsten
Western Tungsten Mine Unknown Tungsten
Wheeler Ridge Pit and Mill National Forest Tungsten
White Caps Tungsten
White Caps Tungsten
White Caps Mine Unknown Tungsten
Yaney Tungsten
Yaney Mine Unknown Tungsten
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