Kern County, CA Clays Mines

Clays Mines in Kern County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Aetna Group Aetna Mines Corp. Unknown Clays
Antelope Materials Co. Mine Federal Military Reserve Unknown Clays
Bissell Magnesite Deposit Private Clays
Brown and White Unknown Clays
California Fullers Earth Deposit Clays
Cantil Pit Engelhardt Minerals, Inc. Menlo Park Edison, New Jersey Unknown Clays
Clay Deposit #1 G. C. Kane, G. N. Hadley, Bert Johnson Unknown Clays
Clay Deposit #4 Unknown Clays
Duran Deposit Unknown Clays
Elkhorn Pit and Mill Clays
Excel Mill Excel Minerals Private Clays
Excel Mineral Co. Deposit Clays
Excel Pit Excel Minerals Private Clays
Filtrol Bentonite Deposit Filtrol Corp. 3520 E. Wash. Blvd., L. A., Ca. Unknown Clays
General Portland Inc. Unknown Clays
Hancock Deposit Unknown Clays
Iron Canyon Bentonite Clays
Koehn Lake Clays
Kramer Borate Deposit U.S. Borax (Subsidiary Of Rtz Borax Ltd. Of Rtz Corp. Plc (London) Private Surface/Underground Clays
Los Angeles Burton Brothers Corp. Tropico Mine, Unknown Clays
Maricopa Pit Panamint Marketing Co. Unknown Clays
McKendry Bentonite Deposit Clays
Mingus Deposit Mingus, Samuel M. BLM Administrative Area Clays
Monolith Portland Cement Co. Monolith Portland Cement Co. Unknown Clays
Muroc Clay Deposit U.S. Military Reservation Unknown Clays
No. 5 Amended National Forest Clays
Red Hill Desert Irrigation And Land Co. Laneaste Unknown Clays
Red Rose Unknown Clays
Riley Clay Deposit Federal Military Reserve Unknown Clays
Rogers Lake Military Reservation Clays
Sheep Springs Pit and Mill Clays
Sheep Springs Pit and Mill Excel Minerals Co Unknown Clays
Simons Brick Co Clays
Snow White Clays
Stevens Unknown Clays
Tehachapi Clay Unknown Clays
Tehachapi Lake Clay Deposit #1 Monolith Portland Cement Co. Box 65947 Glassell Sta,La,Ca Unknown Clays
Tropico Pit New Davidson Brick Co. Clays
Unnamed Clay Deposit Military Reservation Clays
Unnamed Clay Deposit Unknown Clays
Unnamed Clay Deposit Unknown Clays
Webb Deposit W. S. Webb, Rosamond, Ca. Unknown Clays
White Bluff Unknown Clays
White Clay Nos. 1 and 2 Unknown Clays
White Swan Deposit Raymond Young And Frank Miller, Mojave Unknown Clays
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