Kern County, CA Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Kern County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Austin Group Lead
Beehive Lead
Beehive Unknown Lead
Big Blue Group Lead
Big Blue-Sumner Unknown Lead
Black Hawk Mine Unknown Lead
Black Jack Lead
Black Jack Underground Lead
Black Jack Unknown Lead
Blackhawk Lead
Cactus Summo Minerals Corp. Private Lead
Carbonate Prospect Lead
Carbonate Prospect Unknown Lead
College Girl Group Lead
College Girl Group Unknown Lead
Colorado Camp Group Underground Lead
El Paso Mountain Lead Prospect Unknown Lead
Elder Berry Claims National Forest Lead
Four Star Lead
French Unknown Lead
Honey Bee Prospect Lead
Honey Bee Prospect Unknown Lead
Hummer Mine Underground Lead
Jollier Mine BLM Administrative Area Lead
Kelso Mine Lead
Kelso Mine Unknown Lead
Ladd Lead
Long John Jack W. Walker Private Lead
Mickey Mouse Lead Mine Private Lead
Middle Buttes (Cactus) Deposit Cactus Gold Mines Company BLM Administrative Area Lead
Napoleon Claim Private Lead
Powell Mine National Forest Lead
Rattle Snake Group Surface/Underground Lead
Rattle Snake Group Unknown Lead
Red Wing Mine Red Wing Mining And Milling Co. Lead
San Antonio Mine Lead
Smith Mine Lead
Smith Mine Unknown Lead
Soledad Mountain Area - 0060290735 Unknown Lead
Soledad Mountain Deposit BLM Administrative Area Lead
St. John Mine Lead
The Lead Mine Lead
Unnamed Prospect Lead
Voss Unknown Lead
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