Okanogan County, WA Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Okanogan County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
49th Parallel, Ok Copper Silver
Abernathy Unknown Silver
Abernathy Mine R. Abernathy National Forest Silver
Adelia Silver
Adelia Unknown Silver
Aeneas Ted Eberle Silver
Alder Silver
Alder Mine National Forest Surface Silver
Alder Mine National Forest Silver
Alice Unknown Silver
American Flag Underground Silver
American Flag Silver
American Flag Silver
American Flag Unknown Silver
American Flag Claims American Flag Mining Co. State Forest Underground Silver
American Flag Mine Unknown Silver
American Rand Silver
American Rand Silver
Anaconda Unknown Silver
Anaconda Claim Plant And Callahan Mining Co. Silver
Anchor Claims G. H. Beggs Silver
Andy O Neil Private Silver
Andy O'Neil Silver
Andy O'Neil Andy O. Silver
Andy O'Neil Claims Frank Ostrowski Underground Silver
Anna Unknown Silver
Anna Claim G. H. Beggs Silver
Antimony Queen Silver
Apache Silver
Apache Silver
Apache Claim Silver
Apache Mine Underground Silver
Apex Unknown Silver
Apex Mine Apex Gold Mining Co. Silver
Arizona Silver
Arlington Silver
Arlington Arlington Mines Inc. National Forest Unknown Silver
Arlington Silver
Arlington Lode.Missing Link,1806, Emma Jean Claridge Private Silver
Atkins Unknown Silver
Atkins Mine Underground Silver
Aztec Claim Bumgardner Mining And Investments Co. Silver
Beauty Creek Lode National Wilderness Silver
Beauty Creek Lode National Wilderness Silver
Beauty Creek Quartz Lode National Wilderness Silver
Beaver Unknown Silver
Beaver Prospect Mrs. Ida Ollason Silver
Belcher Unknown Silver
Bellevue Silver
Bellevue Silver
Bellevue Unknown Silver
Bellevue Claims State Forest Silver
Bender Custom Mill Bender Metals Milling Co. Silver
Bi-Metallic Silver
Bi-Metallic Unknown Silver
Bi-Metallic Mine Surface/Underground Silver
Big Boy Unknown Silver
Big Hole Unknown Silver
Billygoat National Wilderness Underground Silver
Black Bear Silver
Black Bear Mine Heffernan, R.D. BLM Administrative Area Unknown Silver
Black Hussar Claim Gus Lieder And A.D. Mckay Silver
Black Huzzar Unknown Silver
Black Jack Unknown Silver
Black Warrior Unknown Silver
Blanche Unknown Silver
Blanche Claim Underground Silver
Blue Grouse Claim Peacock Mountain Mining And Milling Co. Silver
Blue Queen National Wilderness Silver
Blue Queen National Wilderness Silver
Bodie Silver
Bodie Crown Resources Corp. Unknown Silver
Bodie Gold Mine Private Silver
Bodie Mine Private Silver
Bolinger Unknown Silver
Bonanza No.4 Private Silver
Bonnie Bess Private Silver
Border Lord National Wilderness Silver
Bornite National Wilderness Silver
Brunswick Unknown Silver
Buck Mountain Claim Silver
Buckeye Silver
Buckeye Private Silver
Buckeye Unknown Silver
Buckeye Claim Wehe, A. M. Silver
Buckhorn Silver
Bullfrog Silver
Bullfrog National Forest Silver
Bullfrog Claims Bullfrog Mining Co. Unknown Silver
Butcher Boy Silver
Butcher Boy Unknown Silver
Butcher Boy Mine Silver
Cabin Unknown Silver
Cabin Shaft Great Metals Mining And Milling Co. Silver
Caribou Silver
Caribou Unknown Silver
Caribou Mine Bumgardner Mining And Investment Co. BLM Administrative Area Silver
Carl Frederick Unknown Silver
Carl Frederick Prospect Unknown Silver
Carr Claims J. J. Adams, M. M. Moore, And Frank O'Shea Federal Surface/Underground Silver
Castle Creek Silver
Castle Creek Private Silver
Central Silver
Central Unknown Silver
Central Mine Trinidad Mining And Smelting Co. Underground Silver
Chesaw Unknown Silver
Chesaw Prospect Tillicum Development Co. Private Silver
Chicago Unknown Silver
Chicago Prospect Silver
Chickamum Unknown Silver
Chickamum Claim George Gibson, John Russell, John Thomas Silver
Chief Sunshine Silver
Chief Sunshine Unknown Silver
Chief Sunshine Claims Alfred Davidson Silver
Chilson Unknown Silver
Chloride Silver
Chloride Private Silver
Chopaka Unknown Silver
Chopaka Silver Claim Professor Riley Silver
Clearview? 1 and 2 Claims National Wilderness Silver
Cleve Unknown Silver
Combination Unknown Silver
Combination Claim Mr. Hall Unknown Silver
Controller Unknown Silver
Controller Mine Silver
Copper Glance Silver
Copper Glance National Forest Silver
Copper Glance Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Silver
Copper King Unknown Silver
Copper King Prospect Silver
Copper World Hallauer, Wilbur Private Silver
Copper World Claim Jerome J. Drumheller Unknown Silver
Copper World Extension Unknown Silver
Copper World Extension Silver
Copper World Extension Private Silver
Crown Jewel Mine Battle Mountain Gold Co. National Forest Silver
Crown Point Unknown Silver
Crystal Butte Silver
Crystal Butte Keystone Gold Inc. Unknown Silver
Crystal Butte Mine BLM Administrative Area Silver
Crystalite Unknown Silver
Curlew Unknown Silver
Curlew Claims Silver
Daisy Unknown Silver
Damfino Unknown Silver
Defiance Unknown Silver
Defiance Private Silver
Defiance Claim Silver
Delaware Unknown Silver
Diamond Unknown Silver
Diamond Queen Unknown Silver
Dividend Unknown Silver
Dividend Adit Silver
Eagle Unknown Silver
Eloise Unknown Silver
Emerald Unknown Silver
Emerald Prospect Silver
Empire Unknown Silver
Empire Claims Messrs. Hall And George Pascall Silver
Empress Unknown Silver
Esther Unknown Silver
Esther Claim Underground Silver
Eureka Private Silver
Eureka Unknown Silver
Eureka Unknown Silver
Eureka Claim John Mcdonald And H.F. Smith Silver
Eureka Claim Underground Silver
Eureka Silver Prospect Underground Silver
Evening Unknown Silver
Evening Prospect Silver
Evening Star Unknown Silver
Evening Star Claim Messrs. Segmar And Manual Unknown Silver
Excelsior Unknown Silver
Fairview Unknown Silver
Favorite Mine Silver
Finella Unknown Silver
Finella Claims BLM Administrative Area Silver
First Thought Silver
First Thought Mine Underground Silver
First Thought Mine Last Chance Partnership(Talmo Inc-Loyal Bailes) Private Silver
Fluorspar Unknown Silver
Four Metals Silver
Four Metals Unknown Silver
Four Metals Property BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Silver
Fourth of July Silver
Fourth of July Silver
Fourth of July Mine BLM Administrative Area Unknown Silver
Fourth of July Mine Hommel, William Private Silver
Fred Floyd Mine Silver
Friday Silver
Friday Claims J. J. Sullivan Silver
General Miles Unknown Silver
General Miles Group Silver
Goat Creek Bear Creek Mining Co. National Forest Silver
Gold Axe Silver
Gold Axe Mine National Forest Silver
Gold Axe Mine Silver
Gold Coin Unknown Silver
Gold Crown Unknown Silver
Gold Crown Claims Alva R. Sharp And Jim Lewis Silver
Gold Cup Private Silver
Gold Dust Unknown Silver
Gold Dust Claim Silver
Gold Eagle Private Silver
Gold Gulch Unknown Silver
Gold Hill Unknown Silver
Gold Hill Group Silver
Gold Ridge Claims Federal Silver
Gold Ridge Claims National Wilderness Silver
Gold Ridge Claims National Wilderness Silver
Golden Chariot Silver
Golden Chariot Mine Stock Co. (Under Management Of W.H. Thomas) Silver
Golden Zone Silver
Golden Zone Unknown Silver
Golden Zone Mine Underground Silver
Goodenuf Unknown Silver
Goodenuf Prospect Silver
Gould and Curry Unknown Silver
Gould and Curry Prospect Silver
Grand Coulee Unknown Silver
Gray Eagle Silver
Gray Eagle No. 2 Mine C. N. Bagwell, M. L. Pierce, Charles Atchison National Forest Silver
Great Divide Unknown Silver
Great Metals Unknown Silver
Great Western Unknown Silver
Great Western Mine Silver
Greyling Claim National Wilderness Surface Silver
Greyling Claim National Wilderness Silver
Grover Cleveland Unknown Silver
Gubser Mine Underground Silver
Hanford Unknown Silver
Hanford Prospect Silver
Hanks National Forest Silver
Hardscrabble Silver
Hardscrabble Unknown Silver
Hardscrabble Mine Hardscrabble Mining And Milling Co. Silver
Henrietta Unknown Silver
Hercules Unknown Silver
Hercules Unknown Silver
Hercules Claim Underground Silver
Hiawatha Silver
Hiawatha Unknown Silver
Hiawatha Lode Dell Hart And Sons Silver
Hidden Treasure Highland Mining And Milling Co. National Forest Silver
Hidden Treasure Silver
Hidden Treasure Unknown Silver
Hidden Treasure National Forest Silver
Hidden Treasure Unknown Silver
Hidden Treasure Deposit Underground Silver
Hilo Unknown Silver
Holden-Campbell S. J. Holden, A. C. Campbell National Forest Surface/Underground Silver
Holden-Campbell Silver
Home Run Unknown Silver
Home Run Prospect Underground Silver
Homestake Silver
Homestake Unknown Silver
Homestake Claim Salmon River Mining And Smelting Co. Underground Silver
Homestake Group National Wilderness Silver
Horn Silver Silver
Horn Silver Arizona Silver
Horn Silver Group Federal Silver
Hornsilver Unknown Silver
Hudnut Claim Silver
Hudnutt Silver
Hughes Prospect Silver
Ichabod Group Robert B. Wood National Forest Silver
Ida Claims Beaver Mines Silver
Idaho Unknown Silver
Independence Unknown Silver
Independent Unknown Silver
Independent Mine Silver
Iron Cap and Snow Cap Unknown Silver
Iron Dike Private Silver
Iron Dike Prospect Surface/Underground Silver
Iron Master Unknown Silver
Iron Master Prospect Silver
Ironcap and Snowcap Claims National Forest Silver
Ivanhoe Silver
Ivanhoe Silver
Ivanhoe Private Silver
Ivanhoe Mine Underground Silver
Jackpot Unknown Silver
Jackpot Prospect Myers Creek Mining Co. Silver
John Arthur Unknown Silver
John Arthur Prospect J. T. Mcdonald Unknown Silver
John Judge Silver
Jones Unknown Silver
Jones Property State Of Washington Department Of Game State Silver
Julia Unknown Silver
Julia Prospect John Macdonald And H.F. Smith Underground Silver
Junction Silver
Kaaba Silver
Kaaba Silver
Kaaba Claims Kaaba Silver-Lead Mines Inc. Surface/Underground Silver
Kaaba-Texas Silver
Kankakee Silver
Kankakee Unknown Silver
Kankakee Mine William Bernard And E. Christianson Silver
Kelsey Inland Copper, Ltd. Private Silver
Key Silver
Key Silver
Key Unknown Silver
Key Mine W. A. Hargraves Unknown Silver
Keystone Unknown Silver
Keystone Prospect Underground Silver
Kimberly Silver
Kimberly Mine Walter A. Hart Underground Silver
King Solomon Unknown Silver
Kodak Unknown Silver
Kyota Unknown Silver
Kyota Claims Underground Silver
Lady of the Lake Silver
Lady of the Lake Claims Shirk, William P. Underground Silver
Last Chance Silver
Last Chance National Wilderness Silver
Last Chance Unknown Silver
Last Chance Unknown Silver
Last Chance Mine Underground Silver
Lead Horse Claim National Wilderness Silver
Leadville Unknown Silver
Leadville Group Grandview Gold Mining Co. Underground Silver
Leonora Silver
Leonora Unknown Silver
Leonora Claim Leonora Claim Unknown Silver
Leuena Silver
Leuena Unknown Silver
Leuena Laeuna, Launa Silver
Leuena Mine Thomas L. Nixon And Chester F. Griesemer Silver
Lilman Silver
Lilman Unknown Silver
Lilman Claims L. E. Latourette Underground Silver
Little Chief Silver
Little Chief Silver
Little Chief Group Underground Silver
Little Chopaka Unknown Silver
Little Chopaka Group Hope Mining Co. Silver
Little Johnnie Unknown Silver
Little Johnnie Claim Silver
Llocality 4 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 14 National Forest Silver
Locality 15 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 18 National Forest Silver
Locality 21 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 23 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 25 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 29 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 3 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 31 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 33 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 37 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 43 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 44 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 53 National Wilderness Silver
Locality 54 National Wilderness Silver
Lone Pine Unknown Silver
Lone Pine Mine Southern Minnesota And Washington Mining Co. Unknown Silver
Lone Star Silver
Lone Star Silver
Lone Star Unknown Silver
Lone Star Mine Underground Silver
Lone Star Star Silver
Lost Lake Unknown Silver
Lost Mine National Wilderness Silver
Lost River Claim National Wilderness Silver
Lucky Jim Unknown Silver
Lucky Jim Vein Methow Gold And Copper Mining Co. National Forest Silver
Lucky Lady Private Silver
Lucky Lady Property Lucky Lady, Inc. Silver
Lulu Unknown Silver
Lulu Claim Gus Leider And A.D. Mckey Silver
Magnetic Silver
Mammoth Silver
Mammoth Unknown Silver
Mammoth Claim Hargrove, Robert Silver
Mansfield-Garrett Silver
Maquae Unknown Silver
Marguerite Unknown Silver
Marguerite Prospect Silver
Mazama Pride Private Silver
Mazama Pride Claims National Forest Silver
Mazama Queen Claims Leobold-Scales, Inc. National Forest Silver
Mcgrath Unknown Silver
Mcgrath Claims Silver
Methow Silver
Methow National Forest Silver
Methow Mine Methow Mining And Milling Co. Surface/Underground Silver
Mid Range Bill Johnson And Corvin Johnson, Winthrop, Wash. National Forest Silver
Mid Range Silver
Mid Range Unknown Silver
Mineral Hill Silver
Mineral Hill Group Cypress Mines Corp. Underground Silver
Minnehaha Silver
Minnehaha Unknown Silver
Minnehaha Lode George Cooper And T.A. Wilson Unknown Silver
Minnie Silver
Minnie Mine Cordilleran Dev. Inc. National Forest Silver
Minnie Property National Forest Unknown Silver
Modoc A. H. Bonner And Assoc. Underground Silver
Modoc Unknown Silver
Mohawk Silver
Mohawk Unknown Silver
Mohawk Private Silver
Mohawk Prospect Underground Silver
Molly National Forest Surface/Underground Silver
Molly Silver
Molson Private Silver
Moncosilgo Silver
Moncosilgo Silver
Moneymaker Unknown Silver
Moneymaker Prospect Silver
Monitor Unknown Silver
Monitor Mine Silver
Montana Unknown Silver
Montana Claim Silver
Montana Mine Henry And Homer Peters National Forest Silver
Monterey Monterey Gold Mining Co. Silver
Monterey Unknown Silver
Monument Peak National Wilderness Silver
Mountain Beaver Silver
Mountain Beaver National Wilderness Underground Silver
Mountain Beaver National Forest Silver
Mountain Boy Silver
Mountain Boy Castle Creek Mining Co. Silver
Mountain Boy Silver
Mountain Sheep Silver
Mountain Sheep Unknown Silver
Mountain Sheep Group Silver
Multnomah Columbia Consolidated Mines Co. Silver
Multnomah Unknown Silver
Nespelem Dist Apache, Little Chief Silver
Nespelem-Sterling-Moses Silver
Nevada Silver
Nevada Silver
Nevada Claim Silver
New Hope National Forest Underground Silver
New Hope National Wilderness Silver
New Hope Claims National Wilderness Silver
New Hope Claims Federal Silver
Nighthawk Silver
Nighthawk Private Silver
Nighthawk Mine Nighthawk Mines, Inc. Silver
Nina Lu Prospect Silver
Nip and Tuck Unknown Silver
Nip and Tuck Property John N. Evans Silver
No Monicker Prospect Mr. Parker Federal Silver
Number One Unknown Silver
Number One Claims Silver
O K Copper Silver
O.K. Silver
O.K. Mine Al Hagelberge Private Silver
Occident Silver
Okanogan Belle F. S. Hines Underground Silver
Okanogan Belle Unknown Silver
Okanogan Free Gold Silver
Okanogan Free Gold Unknown Silver
Okanogan Free Gold Claims Roy S. Meader, Oroville, Wa. And H. N. North, Omak, Wa. Private Silver
Oregon Unknown Silver
Oro Fino Private Silver
Oroville - Nighthawk Silver
Oversight Unknown Silver
Oversight Prospect Silver
Palmer Mountain Yamana Resources Unknown Silver
Palmer Mountain Tunnel Silver
Panama Silver
Panama Silver
Panama Unknown Silver
Panama Group Grand Coulee Mines, Inc. Silver
Par Value Silver
Par Value Unknown Silver
Par Value Claim Silver
Park and Central Unknown Silver
Park and Central Claims Silver
Pasayten Wilderness National Wilderness Silver
Pasayten Wilderness National Wilderness Silver
Pasayten Wilderness National Wilderness Silver
Pasayten Wilderness National Wilderness Silver
Pasayten Wilderness National Wilderness Silver
Pasayten Wilderness National Wilderness Silver
Pay Day Unknown Silver
Peacock Silver
Peacock Silver
Peacock Silver
Peacock Cyprus Mines Corp. National Forest Silver
Peerless Unknown Silver
Pendennis Unknown Silver
Pendinnis Claim National Forest Silver
Peoria Silver
Pinnacle Silver
Pinnacle Unknown Silver
Pinnacle Mine Silver
Pittsburg Silver
Pittsburg Silver
Plant - Callahan Silver
Plant-Callahan Unknown Silver
Plant-Callahan Mine Silver
Poland China Mine Silver
Poorman Unknown Silver
Poorman Adit Silver
Prize Silver
Prize Unknown Silver
Prize Mine Silver
Prospects National Wilderness Silver
Pthomigan Claims National Wilderness Silver
Ptomigan Claims National Wilderness Surface Silver
Q.S. Unknown Silver
Q.S. Copper Co. Claims Q. S. Copper Co. Federal Silver
Rainbow Silver
Rainbow Unknown Silver
Rainbow Mine Wannacut-Rainbow Mining Co. Silver
Ramore Silver
Ramore Silver
Ramore Silver
Ramore Mine Silver
Ramsey Unknown Silver
Rattlesnake Silver
Rebecca Silver
Rebecca Unknown Silver
Reco Silver
Reco Unknown Silver
Reco Mine Reco Mining Co. Silver
Red Bird Silver
Red Bird Unknown Silver
Red Jacket Unknown Silver
Red Jacket Prospect Federal Silver
Red Shirt Silver
Red Shirt Northwest Minerals Corp. Unknown Silver
Red Shirt Group Mahlon Mccain National Forest Silver
Reliance Claim National Wilderness Silver
Republic Mining District Silver
Rich Bar Silver
Rich Bar Unknown Silver
Rich Bar Group S. J. Lewen BLM Administrative Area Silver
Roosevelt Silver
Roosevelt Silver
Roosevelt Mine National Forest Silver
Roosevelt Mine Private Silver
Ruby Silver
Ruby Silver
Ruby Silver
Ruby Silver
Ruby Lester H. Everett Silver
Ruby-Conconully Silver
Saint Unknown Silver
Saint Prospect Silver
Salmon River Silver
Salmon River Silver
Salmon River Unknown Silver
San Marino Unknown Silver
San Marino Mine Silver
Schultz and Chesney Prospect Silver
Schulz and Chesney Unknown Silver
Sharp Silver
Sharp and Balthus Unknown Silver
Sharp and Balthus Prospect Silver
Shaw-Bergman Silver
Shaw-Bergman Unknown Silver
Sheep Mountain J. J. Sullivan, Orin And Lester Dodd National Wilderness Silver
Shelby Unknown Silver
Sheridan Silver
Sheridan Unknown Silver
Sherman Silver
Sherman Claims Silver
Sidewinder Unknown Silver
Silent Friend Silver
Silent Friend Unknown Silver
Silver Bell Silver
Silver Bell Unknown Silver
Silver Bell Silver Bell, Inc. National Forest Silver
Silver Bell Mine Silver
Silver Belle Group Silver
Silver Bluff Silver
Silver Bluff Unknown Silver
Silver Bluff Claim Silver
Silver Cliff Silver
Silver Cliff Silver
Silver Cliff Silver
Silver Dove Mine Silver Dove Mining Co. Inc. Unknown Silver
Silver King Unknown Silver
Silver King Claims Silver
Silver Ledge Silver Ledge Mining Co. National Forest Underground Silver
Silver Ledge Silver
Silver Ledge Unknown Silver
Silver Mountain Silver
Silver Mountain Silver
Silver Mountain Silver
Silver Peak Mine Unknown Silver
Silver Star Unknown Silver
Smith Canyon Rreliant Resources, Ltd./Nord Resorces Corp. Silver
Snowshoe Claim Silver
Sonny Boy Silver
Sonny Boy Silver
Sonny Boy Unknown Silver
Spokane Monterey Mining And Milling Co., Twisp, Wash. Silver
Spokane Silver
Spokane Silver
Spokane Private Silver
Squaw Creek District HOLDEN-CAMPBELL MINING CO. Silver
St. Anthony Holden Gold Mines, Inc. National Forest Surface/Underground Silver
St. Anthony Silver
St. Lawrence Unknown Silver
St. Paul Silver
St.Anthony Unknown Silver
Standard and Louisa Unknown Silver
Stemwinder Unknown Silver
Stirling Claim Silver
Strawberry Lake Crown Resources Corp. Silver
Sullivan Silver
Sullivan Silver
Summit Silver
Summit Silver
Summit Silver
Summit Unknown Silver
Summit Claim Silver
Summit Mine Heffernan, R.D. BLM Administrative Area Underground Silver
Sunrise Silver
Sunrise Unknown Silver
Surprise Silver
Tenderfoot Claims Victor Byrski, Vern C. Anderson, Tacoma, Wa., And Perry O. Luce, Coulee Dam, Wa. Silver
Three L's Claim Silver
Three Links Unknown Silver
Tom Hal Unknown Silver
Tonasket Silver
Toroda U.S. Borax And Chemical Corp. Silver
Tough Nut Silver
Tough Nut Silver
Tough Nut Unknown Silver
Trinidad Private Silver
Trinity Unknown Silver
Trinity Mine Silver
Triune Silver
Triune Unknown Silver
Triune Mine Silver
Turtle Lake Baum Minerals; Drilled By Newmont Silver
Tuttles Buffalo Pass Prospect National Forest Silver
Twin Pine Silver
Twin Pine Unknown Silver
Twin Pine Claims Silver
Twisp View Unknown Silver
Twisp View I Twisp View Mines Private Silver
Unnamed Occurrence National Wilderness Silver
Unnamed Prospect National Wilderness Silver
Unnamed Prospect National Wilderness Silver
Utica Unknown Silver
Utica Prospect Silver
Valley View Unknown Silver
Wampus Cat 1-6? National Wilderness Silver
War Eagle Claim Silver
Wasco Silver
Wasco Silver
Wasco Private Silver
Washington Consolidated Private Silver
Wehe Unknown Silver
Wehe Prospect Silver
Western Star Silver
Western Star Silver
Wheeler Silver
Wheeler Unknown Silver
Whistler Lode National Wilderness Silver
Whistler Lode National Wilderness Silver
Whitestone Silver
Whitestone Unknown Silver
Whitestone Mine Silver
Windfall Silver
Windfall Private Silver
Windy Basin National Wilderness Silver
Windy Basin National Wilderness Silver
Wolframite Silver
Wolframite Tungsten Claims National Wilderness Surface/Underground Silver
Wolverine Unknown Silver
Woo Loo Moo Loo Silver
Woo Loo Moo Loo Unknown Silver
Wyandotte Silver
Wyandotte Prospect Silver
Yakima Silver
Yakima Silver
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