Okanogan County, WA Tungsten Mines

Tungsten Mines in Okanogan County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
49th Parallel Kent Hagelberge Tungsten
49th Parallel Tungsten
49th Parallel Claims Tungsten
49th Parallel, Ok Copper Tungsten
Antimony Queen Tungsten
Antimony Queen Tungsten
Antimony Queen Mine National Forest Unknown Tungsten
Apex Mountain National Forest Tungsten
Bi-Metallic Tungsten
Bi-Metallic Unknown Tungsten
Bi-Metallic Mine Surface/Underground Tungsten
Border Lord National Wilderness Tungsten
Buck Mountain Unknown Tungsten
Buck Mountain Claim Tungsten
Buckhorn Tungsten
Buckhorn Mtn Magnetic, Neutral, Aztec Tungsten
Chelan Roy Pennington National Forest Tungsten
Chief Joseph Surface Tungsten
Copper Queen Claim BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Copper World Extension Unknown Tungsten
Copper World Extension Tungsten
Copper World Extension Private Tungsten
Corson Prospect Tungsten
Crystal Butte Iron Prospect Mr. Speddon BLM Administrative Area Tungsten
Crystal Butte Mine Tungsten
Dutch John Lease Seneff, H. E. State Surface/Underground Tungsten
Evergreen Mining Company Tungsten
Fluorspar Unknown Tungsten
Forty Ninth Parallel Private Tungsten
Forty Ninth Parallel Tungsten
Four Metals Tungsten
Four Metals Unknown Tungsten
Four Metals Property BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Tungsten
Golden Chariot Tungsten
Golden Chariot Unknown Tungsten
Golden Chariot Mine Stock Co. (Under Management Of W.H. Thomas) Tungsten
Golden Eagle Tungsten
Gubser Tungsten
Gubser Mine Underground Tungsten
Hidden Treasure National Forest Tungsten
Highland Tungsten
Highland Tungsten
Holden Campbell Tungsten
Holden-Campbell S. J. Holden, A. C. Campbell National Forest Surface/Underground Tungsten
Holden-Campbell Tungsten
Kaaba Tungsten
Kaaba Tungsten
Kaaba Claims Kaaba Silver-Lead Mines Inc. Surface/Underground Tungsten
Kaaba-Texas Tungsten
Lady of the Lake Claims Shirk, William P. Underground Tungsten
Last Chance National Wilderness Tungsten
Lone Star Tungsten
Lone Star Mine Underground Tungsten
Methow Tungsten
Methow National Forest Tungsten
Methow Mine Methow Mining And Milling Co. Surface/Underground Tungsten
Milwaukee Unknown Tungsten
Minnie Tungsten
Minnie Mine Cordilleran Dev. Inc. National Forest Tungsten
Minnie Property National Forest Unknown Tungsten
Moncosilgo Tungsten
Moncosilgo Tungsten
Monse Tungsten
Monse Unknown Tungsten
Neutral Aztec Zontelli Brothers, Inc. National Forest Tungsten
O K Copper Tungsten
O.K. Mine Al Hagelberge Private Tungsten
P and H Adit Tungsten
Paymaster S. J. Holden And A. C. Campbell, Chelan, Wasn. National Forest Tungsten
Pennington Tungsten
Rainbow Unknown Tungsten
Rainbow Prospect Tungsten
Roosevelt Tungsten
Roosevelt Tungsten
Roosevelt Mine National Forest Tungsten
Roosevelt Mine Private Tungsten
Shamrock Tungsten
Sharp Tungsten
Sheep Track Unknown Tungsten
Squaw Creek District HOLDEN-CAMPBELL MINING CO. Tungsten
Starr Wilbur Starr, Horse Spgs. Tungsten
Stirling Claim Tungsten
Strawberry Lake Tungsten
Strawberry Lake Crown Resources Corp. Tungsten
Strawberry Lake Iron Prospect Tungsten
Surprise Tungsten
Texas Creek Tungsten
Thunder National Wilderness Tungsten
Tonasket Tungsten
Tonasket Tungsten
Tungsten Queen Tungsten
Washington Tungsten
Washington Mine Tungsten
Whistler Lode National Wilderness Tungsten
Whistler Lode National Wilderness Tungsten
Windiate-Auberton Unknown Tungsten
Windiate-Auberton Prospect Tungsten
Wolframite Tungsten
Wolframite National Wilderness Tungsten
Wolframite Tungsten Claims National Wilderness Surface/Underground Tungsten
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