Okanogan County, WA Zinc Mines

Zinc Mines in Okanogan County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Aeneas Ted Eberle Zinc
Alder Zinc
Alder Mine National Forest Surface Zinc
Alder Mine National Forest Zinc
American Flag Underground Zinc
American Flag Zinc
American Flag Zinc
American Flag Unknown Zinc
American Flag Claims American Flag Mining Co. State Forest Underground Zinc
American Flag Mine Unknown Zinc
Anchor Claims G. H. Beggs Zinc
Andy O'Neil Zinc
Anna Claim G. H. Beggs Zinc
Antimony Queen Zinc
Antimony Queen Mine National Forest Unknown Zinc
Apache Zinc
Apache Mine Underground Zinc
Apex Mine Apex Gold Mining Co. Zinc
Arlington Arlington Mines Inc. National Forest Unknown Zinc
Arlington Zinc
Atkins Unknown Zinc
Atkins Mine Underground Zinc
Billygoat National Wilderness Underground Zinc
Blue Queen National Wilderness Zinc
Bonanza No.4 Private Zinc
Bonnie Bess Private Zinc
Butcher Boy Zinc
Butcher Boy Unknown Zinc
Butcher Boy Mine Zinc
Cabin Unknown Zinc
Cabin Shaft Great Metals Mining And Milling Co. Zinc
California Zinc
California Claim Unknown Zinc
Carr National Forest Zinc
Carr Claims J. J. Adams, M. M. Moore, And Frank O'Shea Federal Surface/Underground Zinc
Castle Creek Zinc
Castle Creek Private Zinc
Central Zinc
Central Unknown Zinc
Central Mine Trinidad Mining And Smelting Co. Underground Zinc
Chicago National Forest Zinc
Chicago Zinc
Chief Sunshine Zinc
Chief Sunshine Unknown Zinc
Chief Sunshine Claims Alfred Davidson Zinc
Chilson Unknown Zinc
Clearview? 1 and 2 Claims National Wilderness Zinc
Cliff Unknown Zinc
Cliff Prospect Zinc
Climax Unknown Zinc
Controller Unknown Zinc
Controller Mine Zinc
Cooper Antimony Zinc
Copper King Unknown Zinc
Copper King Prospect Zinc
Copper World Extension Unknown Zinc
Copper World Extension Zinc
Cornwall Unknown Zinc
Crystal Butte Zinc
Crystal Butte Keystone Gold Inc. Unknown Zinc
Crystal Butte Mine BLM Administrative Area Zinc
Daisy Unknown Zinc
Delate Claim Interstate Mining Co. Underground Zinc
E-16 Unknown Zinc
E-17 Unknown Zinc
E-4 Unknown Zinc
E-5 Unknown Zinc
Esther Unknown Zinc
Esther Claim Underground Zinc
Eureka Unknown Zinc
Eureka Zinc Deposit Zinc
Evening Unknown Zinc
Evening Prospect Zinc
First Thought Zinc
First Thought Mine Underground Zinc
First Thought Mine Last Chance Partnership(Talmo Inc-Loyal Bailes) Private Zinc
Foggy Pass National Forest Zinc
Four Metals Zinc
Four Metals Unknown Zinc
Four Metals Property BLM Administrative Area Surface/Underground Zinc
Gold Hill Unknown Zinc
Gold Hill Group Zinc
Gold Ridge Claims Federal Zinc
Gold Ridge Claims National Wilderness Zinc
Golden Zone Zinc
Golden Zone Mine Underground Zinc
Gould and Curry Prospect Zinc
Great Metals Unknown Zinc
Great Western Unknown Zinc
Great Western Mine Zinc
Greyling Claim National Wilderness Surface Zinc
Greyling Claim National Wilderness Zinc
Gubser Zinc
Gubser Mine Underground Zinc
Guy C.Carroll Zinc
Hanks National Forest Zinc
Hercules Unknown Zinc
Hercules Claim Underground Zinc
Hiawatha Zinc
Hiawatha Unknown Zinc
Hiawatha Lode Dell Hart And Sons Zinc
Hidden Treasure Highland Mining And Milling Co. National Forest Zinc
Highland Zinc
Homestake Group National Wilderness Zinc
Hudnut Claim Zinc
Hudnutt Zinc
Hughes Zinc
Hughes Prospect Zinc
Ichabod Group Robert B. Wood National Forest Zinc
Independent Unknown Zinc
Independent Mine Zinc
Iron Dike Private Zinc
Iron Dike Prospect Surface/Underground Zinc
Ironcap and Snowcap Claims National Forest Zinc
Johnny Boy Unknown Zinc
Johnny Boy Prospect Underground Zinc
Kaaba Zinc
Kaaba Zinc
Kaaba Claims Kaaba Silver-Lead Mines Inc. Surface/Underground Zinc
Kaaba-Texas Zinc
Key Zinc
Key Mine W. A. Hargraves Unknown Zinc
Kimberly Zinc
Kimberly Mine Walter A. Hart Underground Zinc
Lady of the Lake Zinc
Lady of the Lake Claims Shirk, William P. Underground Zinc
Last Chance Zinc
Last Chance Unknown Zinc
Last Chance Mine Underground Zinc
Lead Horse Claim National Wilderness Zinc
Lilman Unknown Zinc
Little Chopaka Group Hope Mining Co. Zinc
Locality 14 National Forest Zinc
Locality 44 National Wilderness Zinc
Locality 54 National Wilderness Zinc
Lone Star Zinc
Lone Star Zinc
Lone Star Mine Underground Zinc
Lucky Knock Mine Zinc
Malott Zinc
Malott Zinc
Malott Prospect Phillip Bedard And John Burns Zinc
Maquae Unknown Zinc
Mazama Queen Claims Leobold-Scales, Inc. National Forest Zinc
Mcgrath Unknown Zinc
Mcgrath Claims Zinc
Mid Range Bill Johnson And Corvin Johnson, Winthrop, Wash. National Forest Zinc
Mid Range Zinc
Mid Range Unknown Zinc
Mineral Hill Zinc
Minnie Zinc
Minnie Mine Cordilleran Dev. Inc. National Forest Zinc
Minnie Property National Forest Unknown Zinc
Modoc A. H. Bonner And Assoc. Underground Zinc
Modoc Unknown Zinc
Mohawk Zinc
Mohawk Unknown Zinc
Mohawk Prospect Underground Zinc
Monitor Unknown Zinc
Monitor Mine Zinc
Mountain Boy Castle Creek Mining Co. Zinc
Nevada Claim Zinc
New Hope National Forest Underground Zinc
New Hope Claims Federal Zinc
No Monicker Prospect Mr. Parker Federal Zinc
Okanogan Free Gold Zinc
Okanogan Free Gold Claims Roy S. Meader, Oroville, Wa. And H. N. North, Omak, Wa. Private Zinc
Olentangy Zinc
Olentangy Unknown Zinc
Olentangy Claims Olentangy Mining Co. Zinc
Oroville - Nighthawk Zinc
Peacock Zinc
Peacock Zinc
Peacock Cyprus Mines Corp. National Forest Zinc
Peoria Zinc
Pinnacle Zinc
Pinnacle Unknown Zinc
Pinnacle Mine Zinc
Poorman Zinc
Poorman Adit Zinc
Poorman Quarry Site 3-17 Unknown Zinc
Ptomigan Claims National Wilderness Surface Zinc
Ramore Zinc
Ramore Zinc
Ramore Mine Zinc
Rattlesnake Zinc
Rebecca Zinc
Rebecca Unknown Zinc
Red Bird Zinc
Red Bird Unknown Zinc
Rich Bar Zinc
Rich Bar Unknown Zinc
Rich Bar Group S. J. Lewen BLM Administrative Area Zinc
Ruby Zinc
Ruby Zinc
Ruby Zinc
Ruby Lester H. Everett Zinc
Salmon River Zinc
Salmon River Zinc
Salmon River Unknown Zinc
Security Zinc
Security Unknown Zinc
Security Mine Zinc
Sharp and Balthus Unknown Zinc
Sharp and Balthus Prospect Zinc
Sherman Zinc
Sherman Claims Zinc
Silver King Claims Zinc
Silver Mountain Zinc
Silver Mountain Zinc
Silver Mountain Zinc
Silver Peak Mine Unknown Zinc
Similkameen River Zinc Deposit Unknown Zinc
Similkameen View Prospect Zinc
Snowshoe Claim Zinc
Spokane Monterey Mining And Milling Co., Twisp, Wash. Zinc
Spokane Zinc
Summit Zinc
Summit Claim Zinc
Surprise Zinc
Tip Top Zinc
Tip Top Unknown Zinc
Tough Nut Zinc
Tough Nut Zinc
Tough Nut Unknown Zinc
Twin Pine Zinc
Twin Pine Unknown Zinc
Twin Pine Claims Zinc
Twisp View Unknown Zinc
Unnamed Prospect National Wilderness Zinc
Wasco Zinc
Wasco Zinc
Wasco Private Zinc
Washington Consolidated Private Zinc
Whistler Lode National Wilderness Zinc
Whitestone Zinc
Whitestone Unknown Zinc
Whitestone Mine Zinc
Windy Basin National Wilderness Zinc
Windy Basin National Wilderness Zinc
Wolframite Zinc
Wolframite Tungsten Claims National Wilderness Surface/Underground Zinc
Yakima Zinc
Yakima Zinc
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