Okanogan County, WA Chromium Mines

Chromium Mines in Okanogan County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Blackbird Unknown Chromium
Blackbird Chromite Deposit Chromium
Brown Lake Unknown Chromium
Brown Lake Property Lloyd Austin Private Chromium
Chopaka Chromium Prospect Unknown Chromium
Chrome Cliffs Mine Private Chromium
Dorian Unknown Chromium
Dorian Chromite Prospect Chromium
Funkhauser Buck Haberly Private Chromium
Gemini Chromium
Johnson Creek Chromium
Johnson Creek Prospect Chromium
Jumbo Claim Mrs. Mamie Bowman Surface/Underground Chromium
Little Chopaka Claims Bridey, William And Everett, L. H. Private Chromium
Mohawk Unknown Chromium
Mount Chopaka Chromite Briley, William And Thorne, C. State Chromium
Okanogan Private Chromium
Peerless Mine Chromium
Stepstone Chromium
Stepstone Claims Chromium
Worthington Chrome Prospect Unknown Chromium
Worthington Chromite Prospect Chromium
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