Methow, WA Silver Mines

Silver Mines in Methow, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Black Jack Unknown Silver
Bolinger Unknown Silver
Damfino Unknown Silver
Diamond Queen Unknown Silver
Emerald Unknown Silver
Emerald Prospect Silver
Excelsior Unknown Silver
Friday Silver
Friday Claims J. J. Sullivan Silver
Gray Eagle No. 2 Mine C. N. Bagwell, M. L. Pierce, Charles Atchison National Forest Silver
Henrietta Unknown Silver
Hidden Treasure Highland Mining And Milling Co. National Forest Silver
Hidden Treasure Silver
Hidden Treasure National Forest Silver
Holden-Campbell S. J. Holden, A. C. Campbell National Forest Surface/Underground Silver
Holden-Campbell Silver
Last Chance Unknown Silver
Methow Silver
Methow National Forest Silver
Methow Mine Methow Mining And Milling Co. Surface/Underground Silver
Roosevelt Mine Private Silver
Schultz and Chesney Prospect Silver
Schulz and Chesney Unknown Silver
Squaw Creek District HOLDEN-CAMPBELL MINING CO. Silver
St. Anthony Holden Gold Mines, Inc. National Forest Surface/Underground Silver
St. Anthony Silver
St.Anthony Unknown Silver
Standard and Louisa Unknown Silver
Sullivan Silver
Sullivan Silver
Tom Hal Unknown Silver
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