Stevens County, WA Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Stevens County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A and C Lead
A and C State Lead
A G Lotze National Forest Lead
A. C. Neiman Private Lead
Acme Lead
Acme Federal Lead
Acme Mine Lead
Admiral Lead
Admiral National Forest Lead
Admiral Consolidated Lead
Admiral Consolidated State Lead
Admiral Mill State Lead
Advance Bitterroot Resources Ltd. Unknown Lead
Agnila Lead
Aguila National Forest Lead
Aichan Bee Lead
Aichen Bee Lead
Al Ki Private Lead
Aladdin Private Lead
Alm National Forest Lead
Alma Lead
Alma Private Lead
Anaconda Lead
Anaconda Lead
Anaconda Private Lead
Anderson Private Lead
Anderson Private Lead
Ark Lead
Ark Unknown Lead
Ark Silver Queen Lead
Banshee Private Lead
Bear Mountain State Lead
Bechtol Lead
Bechtol Claim.Also Known As W.J. Lead
Beecher Lead
Beecher Lead
Beecher National Forest Lead
Belcher Private Lead
Bergland Claims Lead
Bertha M National Forest Lead
Bia Mine Mines Management,Inc. National Forest Lead
Big Chief Lead
Big Chief National Forest Lead
Big Chief Mine Lead
Black Cat National Forest Lead
Black Rock Lead
Bland Unknown Lead
Blue Grouse Lead
Blue Grouse Mine Unknown Lead
Blue Lime National Forest Lead
Bonanza Lead
Bonanza Private Lead
Bonanza Mine Unknown Lead
Bossburg Dist Clugston Creek Lead
Botts Private Lead
Brooks Lead
Brooks Lead
Brooks Lead
Brooks Private Lead
Buffalo Private Lead
Bullion Lead
Bullion National Forest Lead
Bundy Property National Forest Lead
Burrus Lead
Burrus Private Lead
Calhoun Lead
Calhoun Mill Ce Minerals Private Lead
Carey Mine Tri-H. Mining Co., Inc. Unknown Lead
Carl Sanvola Ranch Private Lead
Cast Steel Private Lead
Chewelah Consolidated National Forest Lead
Chewelah Dist United Cu, Cu King Etc Lead
Chief Joseph Private Lead
Chloride Lead
Chloride State Lead
Chloride Queen Lead
Chloride Queen National Forest Lead
Chloride Queen Mine Unknown Lead
Cholett Private Lead
City View Lead
Clean Wheat Prospect Private Lead
Cleveland Lead
Cleveland Lead
Cleveland State Lead
Cleveland Mine Surface/Underground Lead
Cleveland Mine Lead
Cleveland Silver Mines, Inc Private Lead
Coffer Lead
Coffer Private Lead
Colville Dist Old Dominion Mine Lead
Comstock National Forest Lead
Copper King Lead
Copper King Lead
Copper King Private Lead
Copper King National Forest Lead
Copper Queen Private Lead
Cornet Lead
Cosby Prospect Private Lead
Coyote Lead
Crakerjack State Lead
Crystal State Lead
Daisy Lead
Daisy - Tempest Lead
Daisy - Tempest Lead
Daisy - Tempest Silverado Mining Co. Lead
Daisy-Tempest Private Lead
Deep Creek Lead
Deep Creek Mine Unknown Lead
Deer Trail Lead
Deer Trail Lead
Deer Trail Mc Clennon C. Slate Private Lead
Dosser-Maki-Lotze Prospect Lead
Double Eagle Lead
Double Eagle Private Lead
E.M.C. State Lead
Eagle Lead
Eagle Private Lead
Eagle Blue Star, Redwood Lead
Eagle Newport Lead
Easter Sunday Lead
Echo Private Lead
Eldorado State Lead
Eldorado Lead
Electric Point Lead
Electric Point State Lead
Elk State Lead
Elvick National Forest Lead
Emc Lead
Empire Private Lead
Eureka Lead
Eureka Lead
Eureka National Forest Lead
Evergreen Lead
Evergreen National Forest Lead
Excelsior Unknown Lead
Farmer Lead
Farmer Mine Unknown Lead
Finely Lead
Fish Lead
Fish Private Lead
Flat Creek National Forest Lead
Fred B. Tunnel Mine Private Lead
Frisco Standard Lead
Frisco Standard Private Lead
Galena State Lead
Galena Farm Private Lead
Galena Hill Lead
Galena Hill Lead
Galena Knob Lead
Galena Knob Private Lead
Galena Ridge Property National Forest Lead
Georgic Lead
Georgic Private Lead
Germania Lead
Germania Consolidated Mine Unknown Lead
Giant Lead
Gillete Private Lead
Gladstone Lead
Gladstone Private Lead
Gladstone Mine Unknown Lead
Gold Bar Lead
Gold Bar Lead
Gold Bar Unknown Lead
Gorien Zinc Columbia Resources Private Underground Lead
Gray Eagle Lead
Gray Eagle Mine Unknown Lead
Great Northern State Lead
Great Western Lead
Great Western Private Lead
Ham State Lead
Hartbauer Property Private Lead
Hazel Private Lead
Helena Johnson National Forest Lead
Hercules Shaft National Forest Lead
Highland National Forest Lead
Hoffer Property Private Lead
Homebuilder National Forest Lead
Homestake Lead
Homestake Lead
Homestake Private Lead
Honest John Private Lead
Hoodoo Lead
Hoodoo Lead
Hosts Mines Known As Leadville Lead
Howard Property Private Lead
Hubbard Lead
Hubbard National Forest Lead
Hunter National Forest Lead
Hyatt Prospect Private Lead
Ibex National Forest Lead
Iron Mask Lead
Iron Mask National Forest Lead
Iroquois Lead
Iroquois Mine Surface/Underground Lead
Jackson Lead
Jay Dee Lead
Jay Dee Lead
Jay Dee Private Lead
Jay Dee Mine Underground Lead
Jay Gould Lead
Jay Gould Lead
Jay Gould Private Lead
Jay Gould Mine Unknown Lead
Jay Hawker Lead
Jayhawker Private Lead
Jenson National Forest Lead
Joe Creek Private Lead
John Alby Property Private Lead
John Day Lead
John Hayes Private Lead
John Hays Lead
Johnson Property National Forest Lead
Johnson Prospect Private Lead
Jupiter National Forest Lead
Just Time National Forest Lead
Just-Time Mine Boggs Brothers Construction Unknown Lead
Kelly Hill Lead
Keough Lead
Keough National Forest Lead
Kettle River State Lead
Keystone Lead
Keystone National Forest Lead
Lakeview Lead
Last Chance Lead
Last Chance Mine Lead
Lead King Private Lead
Lead Trust Lead
Lead Trust Private Lead
Leadpoint Cons. Properties Leadpoint Consolidated Mines Co. Lead
Leadville State Lead
Legal Tender Lead
Leon C National Forest Lead
Little Frank Lead
Little Frank Lead
Little Frank State Lead
Little Giant Lead
Lone Star Lead
Lone Star Private Lead
Longshot Lead
Longshot National Forest Lead
Lucile Lead
Lucile Owen, Boundary Silver Lead Lead
Lucille Mine Unknown Lead
Lucky Charlie Lead
Lucky Charlie National Forest Lead
Lucky Four Lead
Lucky Four National Forest Lead
Lucky Stone State Lead
Lynn Lead
Lynn State Lead
Magma Lead
Magma Lead
Maki Lead
Maki & Dosser Prospects Federal Lead
Margarete Lead
Mayflower Private Lead
McKinley Lead
McKinley National Forest Lead
Mcnally Lead
Mcnally Lead
Mcnally-Freedom Claims Western Land And Resources National Forest Lead
Melrose Lead
Melrose Lead
Melrose National Forest Lead
Michigan Boy Private Lead
Middleport Lead
Middleport Lead
Mineral Hill Blue Silver Mining Private Lead
Monarch State Lead
Monday Morning Private Lead
Moonshine - Johny Boy Lead
Moonshine-Johnny Boy Private Lead
Morning Lead
Morning Private Lead
Mountain View Lead
Mountain View Lead
Mountain View Private Lead
Mountain View Extension National Forest Lead
Muldoon Property Private Lead
Mullen Lead
Mullen Private Lead
Mullen Mine Unknown Lead
Myeerah Lead
Myeerah Lead
Neglected Lead
Neglected National Forest Lead
Nevada Lead
Nevada Lead
Nevada Private Lead
New England Private Lead
New Leadville Lead
New Leadville Lead
New Leadville Private Lead
Niles Private Lead
No.2,Plug Prospect Lead
North Monitor Lead
Northern Light Private Lead
Northport Dist Deep Cr, Van Stone Etc Lead
Northport District Lead
Northport Smelting & Refining Day Interests Of The Coeur D'Alene Mines Lead
Oakslott Private Lead
Occidental Private Lead
Old Dominion Lead
Old Dominion Mine Unknown Lead
Old Dominion Mine Boise Cascade Corp. Claims Nos.324,325,339 Private Lead
Olympia Private Lead
Orazada Lead
Orazada Lead
Orchid Lead
Orchid Lead
Orchid Private Lead
Ore Cache Lead
Ore Cache Private Lead
Perry Lead
Perry National Forest Lead
Phillips Ranch Mine National Forest Lead
Phillips Ranch Prospect Lead
Pioneer Mine Surface/Underground Lead
Plata Rica Lead
Plata Rica Private Lead
Plato Fino Lead
Plato Fino Private Lead
Plug Private Lead
Pomeroy Lead
Pomeroy Lead
Pomeroy National Forest Lead
Prosperity National Forest Lead
Providence Lead
Providence Lead
Providence Lead
Providence National Forest Lead
Queen Lead
Queen Lead
Queen-Seal Claim Names:Silver George C. Segal Private Lead
R J Private Lead
R. J. Lead
Ranch View National Forest Lead
Red Cloud Lead
Red Cloud Lead
Red Cloud Private Lead
Red Feather Lead
Red Iron National Forest Lead
Red Top Lead
Red Top and Boundary Silver and Lead Lucile Lead
Right Side Lead
Rightside Private Lead
Riverview Private Lead
Rockcut Lead
Rockcut Private Lead
Roosevelt Lead
Roosevelt Private Lead
Rosebud Lead
Rosebud Private Lead
Sandiego Lead
Sandiego Private Lead
Santiago and Shafter National Forest Lead
Saturday Night-Sunday Morning Private Lead
Scaman Lead
Scaman Private Lead
Scandia Lead
Scandia Private Lead
Scandia Mine Unknown Lead
Sheep Creek Mill Tri-H Mining Co., Inc. Unknown Lead
Shoemaker Mine Triton Mining,Colville,Wa National Forest Lead
Short Wait Private Lead
Sierra Zinc Lead
Sierra Zinc Cordilleran Development, Inc. National Forest Lead
Sierra Zinc Mine Unknown Lead
Silver Crown Lead
Silver Crown Private Lead
Silver Eagle Lead
Silver King Mine Silver King Mines Lead
Silver Queen Lead
Silver Summit Lead
Silver Summit Lead
Silver Summit Private Lead
Silver Trail Lead
Silver Trial Private Lead
St Crispin Private Lead
Stemwinder Lead
Stemwinder Private Lead
Sterrett Lead
Sterrett Private Lead
Stonewall-Sunnyside Private Lead
Summit View National Forest Lead
Sunset Lead
Sunset Private Lead
Superior Copper Lead
Superior Copper National Forest Lead
Surprise Private Lead
Tenderfoot Lead
Theodore Nasberg Prop. Private Lead
Three Orphans Lead
Three Orphans Private Lead
Tiptop Claim Lead
Togo Lead
Togo Lead
Togo Private Lead
Togo Mine Unknown Lead
Tom Moore Lead
Tom Moore National Forest Lead
Treadwell Private Lead
Trojan Lead
Trojan National Forest Lead
Uncle Sam Lead
Uncle Sam Lead
Uncle Sam National Forest Lead
United Treasure Lead
United Treasure Private Lead
Van Stone Mine. U.S. Borax And Chemical Corp. Private Underground Lead
Vanasse Lead
Vanasse State Lead
Washington Zinc Unit Private Lead
Wells -Fargo Mine Unknown Lead
Wells Fargo Lead
Wells Fargo Lead
Wells Fargo National Forest Lead
Wildcat National Forest Lead
Wilkie Lode National Forest Lead
Windfall Private Lead
Winslow National Forest Lead
Young Private Lead
Young America Lead
Young America Mine Unknown Lead
Young American Mine Lead
Young Americarobena.Old Claim Unclaimed Private Lead
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