Stevens County, WA Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Stevens County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A and C Copper
A and C State Copper
Abe Lincoln Copper
Abe Lincoln National Forest Copper
Acme Copper
Acme Federal Copper
Acme Mine Copper
Admiral Copper
Admiral National Forest Copper
Admiral Mill State Copper
Admiral Mine Unknown Copper
Agnila Copper
Aguila National Forest Copper
Aichan Bee Copper
Aladdin Private Copper
Alandale Private Copper
Alberta Copper
Alberta Prospect Copper
Amazon Copper
American Boy Copper
American Boy Federal Copper
Antelope Copper
Antelope Copper
Antelope National Forest Copper
Ark Copper
Ark Unknown Copper
Ark Silver Queen Copper
Audrey M National Forest Copper
Audrey M. Copper
B and B Copper
B and B Private Copper
Bald Eagle National Forest Copper
Banshee Private Copper
Bear Canyon National Forest Copper
Beecher Copper
Beecher Copper
Beecher National Forest Copper
Belcher Private Copper
Big Bear Copper
Big Chief Mine Copper
Big Iron Copper
Big Jim Copper
Big Jim National Forest Copper
Blad Eagle Copper
Blanche Private Copper
Bland Unknown Copper
Blue Bird Copper
Blue Bird National Forest Copper
Blue Bird Mining Claims Private Copper
Blue Goose Copper
Blue Goose National Forest Copper
Blue Grass Copper
Blue Grass State Copper
Bonanza Copper
Bonanza Private Copper
Bonanza Copper Copper
Bonanza Copper Copper
Bonanza Copper National Forest Copper
Bonanza Mine Unknown Copper
Boundary Line State Copper
Brooks Copper
Brooks Copper
Brooks Copper
Brooks Private Copper
Brown S Lake Private Copper
Bryant Copper
Bryant Unknown Copper
Bullion Copper
Bullion National Forest Copper
Bundy Property National Forest Copper
Burrus Copper
Burrus Private Copper
Cardinal Barite Mine Private Copper
Carl Sanstrom Private Copper
Centennial Copper
Centennial Private Copper
Chamokane Copper
Chamokane National Forest Copper
Checops Copper
Chewelah Copper
Chewelah Consolidated National Forest Copper
Chewelah Dist United Cu, Cu King Etc Copper
Chewelah Standard Copper
Chewelah Standard Private Copper
Chief Joseph Private Copper
Chinto Copper
Chinto Copper
Chinto Private Copper
Chloride Queen Copper
Chloride Queen National Forest Copper
Chloride Queen Mine Unknown Copper
Churchill Copper
Churchill Private Copper
City View Copper
Clara Copper
Clara National Forest Copper
Cleveland Mine Surface/Underground Copper
Coffer Copper
Coffer Private Copper
Columbia River Copper
Columbia River Copper
Columbia River Copper
Columbia River Private Copper
Columbia, Coyote, Gray Eagle Copper
Comstock Copper
Comstock Unknown Copper
Copper Butte Copper
Copper Butte Copper
Copper Butte National Forest Copper
Copper Butte Private Copper
Copper Cliff National Forest Copper
Copper Find Company National Forest Copper
Copper Jack National Forest Copper
Copper King Copper
Copper King Private Copper
Copper King Mine Unknown Copper
Copper Penny Vanhorn And Watson Mining Co. Copper
Copper Queen Copper
Copper Queen National Forest Copper
Copper Queen Private Copper
Cornet Copper
Crescent County Copper
Daisy Copper
Daisy - Tempest Copper
Daisy - Tempest Copper
Daisy - Tempest Silverado Mining Co. Copper
Daisy-Tempest Private Copper
Deep Creek Mine Unknown Copper
Deer Trail Copper
Deer Trail Mc Clennon C. Slate Private Copper
Deer Trail Monitor Copper
Deer Trail Monitor Copper
Deer Trail Monitor Copper
Deer Trial Monitor Private Copper
Defender Copper
Defender Private Copper
Denver National Forest Copper
Diamond C Private Copper
Double Eagle Copper
Double Eagle Private Copper
E.M.C. State Copper
Eagle Copper
Eagle Private Copper
Eagle Blue Star, Redwood Copper
Eagle Newport Copper
Easter Sunday Copper
Easter Sunday Copper
Easter Sunday Copper
Easter Sunday Private Copper
Edna Copper
Edna National Forest Copper
Edna King Copper
Edna Mine Unknown Copper
Eldorado Copper
Electric Point Copper
Electric Point State Copper
Elmo Copper
Elmo Private Copper
Emc Copper
Eureka Copper
Eureka Copper
Eureka National Forest Copper
Finely Copper
Fish Copper
Fish Private Copper
Frisco Standard Copper
Frisco Standard Private Copper
Galena Hill Copper
Galena Hill Copper
Georgic Copper
Georgic Private Copper
Germania Consolidated Mine Unknown Copper
Gladstone Copper
Gladstone Private Copper
Gladstone Mine Unknown Copper
Globe Copper
Globe Mine Private Copper
Gold Bar Copper
Gold Bar Copper
Gold Bar Unknown Copper
Gold Reef Copper
Gold Reef Copper
Gold Reef Private Copper
Graves Copper
Graves Private Copper
Gray Eagle Copper
Gray Eagle Mine Unknown Copper
Great Republic National Forest Copper
Hecla Private Copper
Hoffer Property Private Copper
Homestake Copper
Homestake Copper
Homestake Private Copper
Hoodoo Copper
Hoodoo Copper
Hope and Twin Cabins Copper
Hope and Twin Cabins Copper
Hope and Twin Cabins National Forest Copper
Hubbard Copper
Hubbard National Forest Copper
Hunter National Forest Copper
Imperial Copper Private Copper
Inklers Point Private Copper
International Copper
International National Forest Copper
Iron Horse Copper
Iron Horse National Forest Copper
Iron Mask Copper
Iron Mask National Forest Copper
Jackson Copper
James Peterson Prospect National Forest Copper
Jay Dee Copper
Jay Dee Private Copper
Jay Dee Mine Underground Copper
Jay Gould Copper
Jay Gould Copper
Jay Gould Private Copper
Jay Gould Mine Unknown Copper
Jay Hawker Copper
Jayhawker Private Copper
Jim Dandy National Forest Copper
John Alby Property Private Copper
John Day Copper
John Hayes Private Copper
John Hays Copper
June-Echo Copper
Juno - Echo Western Molybdenum Co. Copper
Juno -Echo Mine Unknown Copper
Juno-Echo Chewelah Standard Mining Co. Copper
Keough National Forest Copper
Kettle River State Copper
Krug Copper
Krug Copper
Krug Private Copper
Lakeside Copper
Lakeside National Forest Copper
Lebanon Copper Prospect State Copper
Lem Copper
Lem Private Copper
Liberty Copper Copper
Liberty Copper Copper
Liberty Copper Private Copper
Little Frank Copper
Little Frank Copper
Little Frank State Copper
Little Gem State Copper
Little Giant Copper
Loon Lake Blue Bird Copper
Loon Lake Blue Bird Mine Unknown Copper
Loon Lake Copper Copper
Loon Lake Copper Copper
Loon Lake Copper Mine Unknown Copper
Lottie Copper
Lottie Copper
Lottie Private Copper
Lucky Charlie Copper
Lucky Charlie National Forest Copper
Lucky Four Copper
Lucky Four National Forest Copper
Mackinaw Federal Copper
Madsen Mine Copper
Madsen Mine Surface/Underground Copper
Magma Copper
Majorca Copper
Majorca Private Copper
Mason Prospect Private Copper
Mayflower Private Copper
Mc Ness Copper
McKinley Copper
McKinley National Forest Copper
Mcnally Copper
Mcnally Copper
Mcnally-Freedom Claims Western Land And Resources National Forest Copper
Mcness National Forest Copper
Melrose Copper
Melrose Copper
Melrose National Forest Copper
Middleport Copper
Middleport Copper
Midnite Copper
Mineral Hill Mining Co. State Copper
Minnehaha Private Copper
Minorca Copper
Minorca Copper
Minorca Private Copper
Mint Private Copper
Mogul Copper
Mogul National Forest Copper
Molly Gibson National Forest Copper
Monahan Copper
Monahan Private Copper
Monitor Copper
Monitor National Forest Copper
Montana Copper
Montana and Washington Copper
Montana and Washington National Forest Copper
Montezuma Private Copper
Moore Private Copper
Moraski National Forest Copper
Morning Copper
Mountain View Copper
Mountain View Copper
Mountain View Private Copper
Muldoon Property Private Copper
Mullen Copper
Mullen Mine Unknown Copper
Mystery Copper
Mystery National Forest Copper
Nabob National Forest Copper
Napoleon Copper
Napoleon Copper
Napoleon Private Copper
Nest Egg Copper
Nevada Copper
Nevada Private Copper
Northport Copper Co Inc. National Forest Copper
Northport Smelting & Refining Day Interests Of The Coeur D'Alene Mines Copper
O-Lo-Lim Copper
O-Lo-Lim Private Copper
Ora Copper
Orazada Copper
Orchid Copper
Orchid Copper
Orchid Private Copper
Orient, Crescent and Dead Wood Copper
Orpha Copper
Orpha Private Copper
Pacific Copper National Forest Copper
Payne Private Copper
Pedro Copper
Pedro National Forest Copper
Pelkey and Dille Copper
Perry National Forest Copper
Peter Clair Prospect Private Copper
Platsburg Unknown Copper
Pomeroy Copper
Pomeroy National Forest Copper
Pop Copper
Pop National Forest Copper
Providence Copper
Providence National Forest Copper
Quadra National Forest Copper
Quartzite Mountain Private Copper
Queen-Seal Claim Names:Silver George C. Segal Private Copper
Rambler Copper
Rambler Copper
Rambler Private Copper
Read Copper
Read Copper
Read Copper
Red Cloud Copper
Red Cloud Copper
Red Cloud Private Copper
Red Feather Copper
Red Lion Copper
Red Lion Private Copper
Red Sheaf Private Copper
Regina Copper
Right Side Copper
Rightside Private Copper
Rocky Lake Copper
Royal National Forest Copper
Salina Copper
Salina Unknown Copper
Santiago and Shafter National Forest Copper
Saturday Night-Sunday Morning Private Copper
Scotia Copper
Scotia Copper
Scotia County Copper
Security Copper Private Copper
Shoemaker Mine Triton Mining,Colville,Wa National Forest Copper
Short Wait Private Copper
Sierra Zinc Mine Unknown Copper
Silver Eagle Copper
Silver Queen Copper
Silver Summit Copper
Silver Summit Copper
Silver Summit Private Copper
St Crispin Private Copper
Stemwinder Copper
Stemwinder Private Copper
Summit Copper
Summit National Forest Copper
Sunset Copper
Sunset Private Copper
Superior Copper Copper
Superior Copper National Forest Copper
Sure Thing Copper
Sure Thing State Copper
Suzan Copper Prospect Private Copper
Syndicate National Forest Copper
Tempest Copper
Tempest Copper
Tenderfoot Copper
Thomason Queen National Forest Copper
Togo Copper
Togo Copper
Togo Private Copper
Togo Mine Unknown Copper
Toulou Mountain Boise Cascade Corp. Copper
Tramp National Forest Copper
Trampus Prospect State Copper
Trojan Copper
Trojan National Forest Copper
Turk Copper
Turk Copper
Turk Federal Copper
Turk Mine Surface/Underground Copper
Twilight Copper
Twilight County Copper
U S Copper Gold Private Copper
U.S. Copper Gold Copper
Udehard Copper
Uncle Sam Copper
Uncle Sam National Forest Copper
United Copper Copper
United Copper Louise Thacker Graessle National Forest Copper
United Copper Mine Unknown Copper
United Silver - Copper Copper
United Silver Copper Copper
United Treasure Copper
United Treasure Private Copper
Valley State Copper
Vanasse Copper
Vanasse State Copper
Viking Copper
Vulcan State Copper
W D Smith Homestead State Copper
Wabash-Detroit Private Copper
Walking Boy Copper
Walking Boy National Forest Copper
Wall Street Copper
Wall Street National Forest Copper
War Eagle Copper
War Eagle National Forest Copper
White Elephant Copper
White Elephant Newmont Exploration, Ltd. Private Copper
White Horse National Forest Copper
Wilkie Lode National Forest Copper
Windfall Private Copper
Winslow National Forest Copper
Young America Copper
Young America Mine Unknown Copper
Young American Mine Copper
Young Americarobena.Old Claim Unclaimed Private Copper
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