Stevens County, WA Silica Mines

Silica Mines in Stevens County, WA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Big Smoke Silica
Blue Creek Quarry Northwest Alloys, Inc. Unknown Silica
Blue Creek Quartzite National Forest Silica
Blue Grouse Mountain Private Silica
Bonanza Mine Unknown Silica
Calhoun Mill Ce Minerals Private Silica
Chewelah Private Silica
Dietrich Private Silica
Dreissel Private Silica
Geisbauer Private Silica
Iron Mountain National Forest Silica
Just-Time Mine Boggs Brothers Construction Unknown Silica
Keeley State Silica
Kettle Falls Silica
Kettle Falls Private Silica
Kuizer Siding Private Silica
Lane Mountain Quarry Dawson E. Barbour Trucking, Inc. Private Silica
Lane Mtn Silica Co Lane Mountain Silica Co. Private Silica
Lyons Hill Silica Quarry Unknown Silica
Newcomb Claim National Forest Silica
Northwest Alloys Inc. Surface Silica
Northwest Alloys,Inc Private Silica
Springdale Deposit Private Silica
Steep Cliff Private Silica
Steinmetz Private Silica
Talus Quarry Unknown Silica
Unnamed Gravel Pit Dawson And Barrour Trucking, Inc. Unknown Silica
Unnamed Location Private Silica
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