Northport, WA Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Northport, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A. C. Neiman Private Lead
Advance Bitterroot Resources Ltd. Unknown Lead
Anderson Private Lead
Bechtol Lead
Bechtol Claim.Also Known As W.J. Lead
Bergland Claims Lead
Black Rock Lead
Bullion Lead
Bullion National Forest Lead
Burrus Lead
Burrus Private Lead
Calhoun Lead
Calhoun Mill Ce Minerals Private Lead
Carey Mine Tri-H. Mining Co., Inc. Unknown Lead
Carl Sanvola Ranch Private Lead
Cast Steel Private Lead
Chief Joseph Private Lead
Cholett Private Lead
Clean Wheat Prospect Private Lead
Comstock National Forest Lead
Copper King Lead
Copper King National Forest Lead
Cosby Prospect Private Lead
Coyote Lead
Deep Creek Lead
Deep Creek Mine Unknown Lead
Dosser-Maki-Lotze Prospect Lead
Eldorado Lead
Elvick National Forest Lead
Empire Private Lead
Excelsior Unknown Lead
Farmer Lead
Farmer Mine Unknown Lead
Flat Creek National Forest Lead
Galena State Lead
Galena Farm Private Lead
Gorien Zinc Columbia Resources Private Underground Lead
Great Western Lead
Great Western Private Lead
Hartbauer Property Private Lead
Helena Johnson National Forest Lead
Hoffer Property Private Lead
Homebuilder National Forest Lead
Howard Property Private Lead
Hubbard Lead
Hubbard National Forest Lead
Hyatt Prospect Private Lead
Ibex National Forest Lead
Johnson Prospect Private Lead
Jupiter National Forest Lead
Last Chance Lead
Last Chance Mine Lead
Lone Star Lead
Lone Star Private Lead
Magma Lead
Magma Lead
Maki Lead
Maki & Dosser Prospects Federal Lead
Melrose Lead
Monday Morning Private Lead
Morning Lead
Morning Private Lead
Mountain View Lead
Mountain View Lead
Mountain View Private Lead
Mountain View Extension National Forest Lead
New England Private Lead
No.2,Plug Prospect Lead
Northern Light Private Lead
Northport Dist Deep Cr, Van Stone Etc Lead
Northport District Lead
Northport Smelting & Refining Day Interests Of The Coeur D'Alene Mines Lead
Occidental Private Lead
Phillips Ranch Prospect Lead
Plug Private Lead
Providence Lead
Providence National Forest Lead
Riverview Private Lead
Scandia Lead
Scandia Private Lead
Scandia Mine Unknown Lead
Sheep Creek Mill Tri-H Mining Co., Inc. Unknown Lead
Short Wait Private Lead
Sierra Zinc Lead
Sierra Zinc Cordilleran Development, Inc. National Forest Lead
Sierra Zinc Mine Unknown Lead
Silver Crown Lead
Silver Crown Private Lead
Silver King Mine Silver King Mines Lead
Silver Trail Lead
Silver Trial Private Lead
St Crispin Private Lead
Sterrett Lead
Sterrett Private Lead
Stonewall-Sunnyside Private Lead
Summit View National Forest Lead
Sunset Lead
Sunset Private Lead
Theodore Nasberg Prop. Private Lead
Van Stone Mine. U.S. Borax And Chemical Corp. Private Underground Lead
Washington Zinc Unit Private Lead
Young Private Lead
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