Virginia City, NV Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Virginia City, Nevada

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alta Shaft Underground Lead
Andes Mine Lead
Andes Mine Unknown Lead
Belcher Claim Lead
Bullion Mine Private Lead
C & C Shaft Private Lead
California Mine Private Lead
Chollar Mine Lead
Chollar-Potosi Mine Unknown Lead
Comstock Lode numerous Private Lead
Consolidated Virginia Mine Private Underground Lead
Crown Point Mine Houston Oil And Minerals Corp. (Present) Private Lead
Flowery Mine American Eagle Resources, Inc. (Affli. Of MMC) Private Underground Lead
Gold Hill Mines Frontier Energy Resources Inc. Unknown Lead
Hale & Norcross Mine Private Underground Lead
Justice Shaft Underground Lead
Kentuck Mine Private Lead
Keystone Shaft Unknown Lead
Mexican Mine Lead
Monte Cristo Mine Lead
North Bonanza Mine Private Lead
Ophir Claim Private Underground Lead
Overland Mine Private Lead
Potosi Mine Private Surface/Underground Lead
Savage Mine Private Lead
Sierra Nevada Mine Private Underground Lead
Sierra Nevada Shaft Unknown Lead
Silver Hill Unknown Lead
Union Mine Private Underground Lead
Woodville Shaft Private Lead
Yellow Jacket Mine Private Lead
Yellow Jacket Shaft Unknown Lead
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