Virginia City, NV Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Virginia City, Nevada

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ach Tailings Alhambra Mines Inc. Private Gold
Alpha Unknown Gold
Alpha Claim Houston Oil And Minerals Corp. (Present) Private Gold
Alta Shaft Underground Gold
Alta Shaft Unknown Gold
Amazon Pit Oliver Hill Mining Co., Inc. Gold
American Flat Ii Mine & Mill Houston Oil And Minerals Corp. BLM Administrative Area Gold
American Ravine Mine Golden American Unknown Gold
Andes Mine Gold
Andes Mine Unknown Gold
Arizona Utah Mine Don White Unknown Gold
Badger Unknown Gold
Baltimore Shaft BLM Administrative Area Gold
Baltimore Shaft Unknown Gold
Belcher Claim Gold
Belcher Mine Unknown Gold
Benjamin Unknown Gold
Best & Belcher Mine Private Underground Gold
Best and Belcher Unknown Gold
Big Comstock Mine Rule Resources U. S. A., Inc. Unknown Gold
Billy the Kid Pit Private Gold
Bonner Gold
Browne Adit Unknown Gold
Buckeye Private Gold
Buckeye Mine Private Underground Gold
Bullion Unknown Gold
Bullion Mine Private Gold
Butters Gold
C & C Shaft Private Gold
C & C Shaft Unknown Gold
Caledonia Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Caledonia Mine Unknown Gold
California Unknown Gold
California Mine Private Gold
Capital Unknown Gold
Carson River Mercury Rocky Conners, 999 Pinon Hills Dr. Carson City, Nevada Mixed Gold
Carson River Project Eagle Industries 1000 Unknown Gold
Challenge and Confidence Houston Oil And Minerals Corp. (Present) Gold
Chollar Mine Gold
Chollar-Potosi Mine Unknown Gold
Combination Shaft Unknown Gold
Comstock Bonanza Shaft Pat. 56 Comstock Mining And Refining Co. Private Gold
Comstock Lode numerous Private Gold
Con. Virginia Shaft Unknown Gold
Concordia Mine Unknown Gold
Consolidated Virginia Mine Private Underground Gold
Cook and Gray Unknown Gold
Cromer Unknown Gold
Crown Point Mill L. And S Associates Gold
Crown Point Mine Houston Oil And Minerals Corp. (Present) Private Gold
Crownpoint Unknown Gold
Daney Mine Unknown Gold
Dayton Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Dean Mine Unknown Gold
Donouan Property Private Surface/Underground Gold
Drysdale Mine Private Gold
Empire Mine Gold
Exchequer Claim Gold
Florida Shaft Gold
Flowery Mine American Eagle Resources, Inc. (Affli. Of MMC) Private Underground Gold
Forman Shaft Unknown Gold
Globe Consolidated Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Gold Hill Mines Frontier Energy Resources Inc. Unknown Gold
Gold-Silver Prospect Unknown Gold
Gold-Silver Prospect Unknown Gold
Goodman Unknown Gold
Grant Unknown Gold
Hale & Norcross Unknown Gold
Hale & Norcross Mine Private Underground Gold
Hardy Mine Unknown Gold
Hartford Mine Unknown Gold
Haywood Leach Facility Oliver Hill Mining Co., Inc. Gold
Holman Unknown Gold
Ida Mine Ida Mines, Inc. Unknown Gold
Imperial Mine Private Gold
Imperial Mine Houston International Minerals Corp. Private Gold
Industry Unknown Gold
Justice Shaft Underground Gold
Justice Shaft BLM Administrative Area Gold
Kentuck Mine Private Gold
Kentuck Mine Unknown Gold
Keyes Mine Private Underground Gold
Keyes Mine Unknown Gold
Keystone Pit Art Wilson Co. Private Gold
Keystone Shaft Dayton Mines Private Surface/Underground Gold
Keystone Shaft Unknown Gold
Knickerbocker Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Kossuth Mine Private Underground Gold
Lady Washington Mine. Private Underground Gold
Long Canyon Adit Unknown Gold
Lucerne Cut Unknown Gold
Lucerne Mine Oliver Hill Mining Co., Inc. Gold
Lucerne Pit BLM Administrative Area Surface Gold
Meri's Con Virginia #1 Mine Gold
Meri's Con Virginia No. 1 Marshall Earth Resources, Inc. Gold
Mexican Unknown Gold
Mexican Mine Gold
Monte Cristo Unknown Gold
Monte Cristo Mine Gold
Mt Bullion Mine Unknown Gold
Nevada Mine C. And G Enterprises Unknown Gold
New Savage Mine Unknown Gold
New Savage Mine Raynham Hall Contracting, Inc. Unknown Gold
New York Mine Private Gold
New York Mine Cal--Denver Unknown Gold
New York Shaft Unknown Gold
North Bonanza Mine Private Gold
North Bonanza Mine Gold
Occidental Unknown Gold
Oest Mine Dayton Mining Co. Private Underground Gold
Oest Mine Unknown Gold
Ophir Unknown Gold
Ophir Claim Private Underground Gold
Overland Mine Private Underground Gold
Overland Mine Private Gold
Overman 2 Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Overman Claim Private Gold
Overman Shaft Unknown Gold
Poker Flat Mine Poker Flat Mines, Inc. Unknown Gold
Potosi Mine Private Surface/Underground Gold
Ramazon Mine Unknown Gold
S H & N Mill Intermountain Exploration, Inc. Private Gold
Santiago Mine Comstock Gold Exploration Ventures Private Gold
Savage Mine Private Gold
Scarpion Shaft Private Gold
Section 31 Shaft Gold
Sierra Nevada Mine Private Underground Gold
Sierra Nevada Shaft Unknown Gold
Silver City Lode Deposits Private Gold
Silver City Mine Devils Gate Development Co. Unknown Gold
Silver Hill Unknown Gold
Silver Hill Mine Surface/Underground Gold
South Comstock Mill Hans N. Lund (Lund'S Exploration Co., Inc.) Gold
South Comstock Mine Private Gold
South Comstock Mine Bmr Gold Corp. BLM Administrative Area Gold
South Comstock Patent No. 79 Lund'S Exploration Co., Inc. Gold
Succor Mine Private Gold
Succor Mine BLM Administrative Area Gold
Sutro Mine Unknown Gold
Trio Mine Gold Canyon Placers, Inc. Unknown Gold
Union Mine Private Underground Gold
Union Shaft Unknown Gold
Unnamed Mine Gold
Unnamed Shaft Gold
Unnamed Shaft Gold
Upper Ophir Mine Marshall Earth Resources Gold
Utah Shaft Private Gold
Volcano Mine Private Gold
White Murphy Unknown Gold
Woodville Unknown Gold
Woodville Shaft Private Gold
Yellow Jacket Mine Private Gold
Yellow Jacket Shaft Unknown Gold
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