Oroville, WA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Oroville, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
49th Parallel Kent Hagelberge Gold
49th Parallel Gold
49th Parallel Claims Gold
Adirondack Unknown Gold
Altoona Unknown Gold
American Rand Gold
Anaconda Unknown Gold
Anaconda Claim Plant And Callahan Mining Co. Gold
Andruss Unknown Gold
Apex Unknown Gold
Apex Mine Apex Gold Mining Co. Gold
Bellevue Gold
Bi-Metallic Gold
Bi-Metallic Unknown Gold
Bi-Metallic Mine Surface/Underground Gold
Big Hole Unknown Gold
Black Warrior Unknown Gold
Blanche Unknown Gold
Blanche Claim Underground Gold
Bonanza No.4 Private Gold
Butcher Boy Gold
Butcher Boy Unknown Gold
Butcher Boy Mine Gold
Carr Claims J. J. Adams, M. M. Moore, And Frank O'Shea Federal Surface/Underground Gold
Chesaw Unknown Gold
Chesaw Prospect Tillicum Development Co. Private Gold
Combination Claim Mr. Hall Unknown Gold
Cuba Line Placer Gold
Cuba Line Placer Unknown Gold
Dan Mooney Placer Unknown Gold
Davey Placer Unknown Gold
Deadman Creek Placer Unknown Gold
Dividend Unknown Gold
Dividend Adit Gold
Eagle Unknown Gold
Eagle Lease Gold
Fairview Unknown Gold
Finella Claims BLM Administrative Area Gold
Forty Ninth Parallel Private Gold
Forty Ninth Parallel Gold
Fourth of July Creek Placer Unknown Gold
Gold Dust Unknown Gold
Gold Dust Claim Gold
Gold King Unknown Gold
Golden Chariot Gold
Golden Chariot Mine Stock Co. (Under Management Of W.H. Thomas) Gold
Gray Eagle Gold
Grey Eagle Unknown Gold
Hiawatha Lode Dell Hart And Sons Gold
Horn Silver Group Federal Gold
Ironcap and Snowcap Claims National Forest Gold
Ivanhoe Private Gold
Johnson Placer Unknown Gold
Kelsey Inland Copper, Ltd. Private Gold
Kimberly Gold
Lakeview Gold
Lakeview Unknown Gold
Lone Pine Unknown Gold
Lone Pine Mine Southern Minnesota And Washington Mining Co. Unknown Gold
Lost Lake Unknown Gold
Mary Ann Creek Placer Gold
Mary Ann Creek Placer Unknown Gold
Minnie Mssrs. Hall And George Pascall Gold
Minnie Unknown Gold
Molson Private Gold
Moncosilgo Gold
Moncosilgo Gold
O K Copper Gold
O.K. Gold
O.K. Mine Al Hagelberge Private Gold
Occident Gold
Okanogan Free Gold Gold
Okanogan Free Gold Unknown Gold
Okanogan Free Gold Claims Roy S. Meader, Oroville, Wa. And H. N. North, Omak, Wa. Private Gold
Olentangy Gold
Olentangy Unknown Gold
Olentangy Claims Olentangy Mining Co. Gold
Opal Unknown Gold
Opal Prospect Gold
Oro Fino Private Gold
Pendennis Unknown Gold
Pendinnis Claim National Forest Gold
Pingston Unknown Gold
Poland China Gold
Poland China Mine Gold
Reco Gold
Reco Unknown Gold
Reco Mine Reco Mining Co. Gold
Review Gold
Review Unknown Gold
Review Mine Review Gold Mining Co. State Gold
Rich Bar Placer Unknown Gold
Saint Unknown Gold
Saint Prospect Gold
Shaw-Bergman Gold
Shaw-Bergman Unknown Gold
Silver Dove Mine Silver Dove Mining Co. Inc. Unknown Gold
Similkameen Falls Placer Unknown Gold
Similkameen Placers Private Gold
Similkameen Placers Gold
Similkameen Placers Unknown Gold
Spokane Gold
Spokane Private Gold
Strawberry Lake Crown Resources Corp. Gold
Triune Gold
Triune Unknown Gold
Triune Mine Gold
Walker Placer Gold
Walker Placer Gold
Walker Placer Unknown Gold
Yakima Gold
Yakima Gold
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