Curlew, WA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Curlew, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Abernathy Mine R. Abernathy National Forest Gold
American Girl Unknown Gold
American Girl Prospect National Forest Gold
Aztec Claim Bumgardner Mining And Investments Co. Gold
Buckhorn Mtn Magnetic, Neutral, Aztec Gold
Caribou Gold
Caribou Unknown Gold
Caribou Mine Bumgardner Mining And Investment Co. BLM Administrative Area Gold
Crown Jewel Mine Battle Mountain Gold Co. National Forest Gold
Gold Axe Gold
Gold Axe Mine National Forest Gold
Gold Axe Mine Gold
Ironsides and Anna B. Unknown Gold
Ironsides and Anna B. Claims Gold
Jackpot Unknown Gold
K-2 Echo Bay Mines Ltd. BLM Administrative Area Gold
Kettle Gold
Kettle River Operations Echo Bay Mines Ltd. Private Underground Gold
Lancaster Gold
Lancaster Gold
Magnetic Gold
Monterey Monterey Gold Mining Co. Gold
Monterey Unknown Gold
Newmont Exploration Ltd. Prospect Newmont Exploration, Ltd. Gold
Nip and Tuck Unknown Gold
Nip and Tuck Property John N. Evans Gold
Nordic Ltd. Prospect Nordic Ltd. Gold
Panama Gold
Panama Private Gold
Roosevelt Gold
Roosevelt Gold
Roosevelt Mine National Forest Gold
Western Star Gold
Western Star Gold
Wheaton Ranch U.S. Borax And Chemical Corp. Gold
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