Oroville, WA Molybdenum Mines

Molybdenum Mines in Oroville, Washington

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
49th Parallel Kent Hagelberge Molybdenum
49th Parallel, Ok Copper Molybdenum
Adams, Moncosilgo Molybdenum
American Rand Molybdenum
Bi-Metalic Molybdenum
Bi-Metallic Molybdenum
Bi-Metallic Unknown Molybdenum
Bi-Metallic Mine Surface/Underground Molybdenum
Bimetallic Ming Molybdenum
Carr Claims J. J. Adams, M. M. Moore, And Frank O'Shea Federal Surface/Underground Molybdenum
Eagle Lease Molybdenum
Golden Chariot Molybdenum
Golden Chariot Mine Stock Co. (Under Management Of W.H. Thomas) Molybdenum
Horn Silver Group Federal Molybdenum
Kelsey Inland Copper, Ltd. Private Molybdenum
Moncosilgo Molybdenum
O.K. Mine Al Hagelberge Private Molybdenum
Spokane Molybdenum
Spokane Private Molybdenum
Triune Molybdenum
Triune Mine Molybdenum
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