Park County, CO Zinc Mines

Zinc Mines in Park County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A & C Prospect National Forest Zinc
Alma & S Alma Dist Survey Private Zinc
American Flag Private Zinc
American Mill Alma American International Corp. Private Zinc
Badger Flats Area Private Zinc
Betty Mine American Selco Inc. Private Underground Zinc
Betty Mine Private Zinc
Black Eagle Federal Zinc
Black Prince Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Zinc
Blue Jay Mine National Forest Zinc
Blue Mountain Mine National Forest Zinc
Bonanza Group Zinc
Bonanza Group Private Zinc
Boomer Mine Private Surface/Underground Zinc
Boss Mine Earl Knight National Forest Underground Zinc
Buckskin Joe Zinc
Buckskin Joe Zinc
Champaign and Coney Claim Zinc
Champaign Mine Private Underground Zinc
Champell Mine F. M. P. Wilder Private Zinc
China Wall Area National Forest Zinc
Cleaner, Criterion, Caroline Zinc
Copper King Mine Private Zinc
Crescent Mine Alfred Dell, Guffey, Co. And F.M. Woods Investment Co. BLM Administrative Area Underground Zinc
Creskill Group Private Zinc
Criterion Claim Zinc
Criterion Mine Private Zinc
Dauntless Mine Private Zinc
Deadwood Gulch Claims Federal Zinc
Detroit-Hicks Aco Mining Co. National Forest Underground Zinc
Dolly Varden Private Zinc
Dolly Varden Et Al Zinc
Evening Star Private Zinc
Forest Hill - Goldfield Zinc
Fortune Placer Mine Federal Zinc
Gettysburg Mine National Forest Zinc
Gold Fern Private Zinc
Gore Mine Federal Zinc
Great Western Mine Private Zinc
Guffey District, Southeast Zinc
Happy Thought Mine Etienne Ritter Private Zinc
Harrisburg & Gettysberg Federal Zinc
Hawkeye Mining Co Federal Zinc
Hazel Marie Group National Forest Underground Zinc
Hilda Tunnel Unknown Zinc
Hill Top Mine Zinc
Hill Top Mine Zinc
Hilltop Leadville Crp. Private Zinc
Hilltop Mine Zinc
Hock Hocking Silver State Mining Co Private Zinc
Horseshoe Claims Private Zinc
Hungry Five Mine Private Zinc
Idarado Mine Zinc
Iron Chest Mine Private Zinc
Iron Mine Zinc
J & S Group W. F. Shaw And Others Private Underground Zinc
Johnson Shaft Federal Zinc
Last Chance Private Zinc
Ling Private Zinc
Little Joe Federal Zinc
Little John Mine National Forest Zinc
Logansport-Chicago Group Private Zinc
Lone Jack Federal Zinc
Look Tunnel Private Zinc
Lost Park Mine Federal Zinc
Lower Baltic BLM Administrative Area Zinc
Lulu Ibex Private Zinc
Majestic Mine Private Zinc
Mary Lee Mine U.S. Beryllium Corp. National Forest Underground Zinc
Maud Mine Private Zinc
Mccoy Shaft Federal Zinc
Mill Gulch Mine Margaret Davidson Private Zinc
Miller Shaft Private Zinc
Mineral Park Placer Federal Zinc
Minerva J Mine National Forest Surface/Underground Zinc
Missouri Zinc
Missouri Mine Federal Zinc
Moose Mine Private Zinc
Morrison Mine Private Zinc
New Bonnet Group Zinc
New Bonnet Group Private Zinc
Oro Grande Group Zinc
Oro Grande Group Federal Zinc
Otis Shaft Federal Zinc
Park County Claims Private Zinc
Peerless Mine Fraser, William Private Zinc
Phillips Mine Col-Oro Crp. Private Zinc
Rainbow King Mine Private Zinc
Red Cross Glen Swanson Private Zinc
Redskin Claims William A. Young And Associates National Forest Zinc
Redskin Mine U.S. Beryllium Corp. ; Claimants: Carey M. Hunt, Joseph B. Johnson Private Surface/Underground Zinc
Rothchild Mine Federal Zinc
Ruby Private Zinc
Russia Mine Morey Reiber Private Zinc
Shelby - Johnson Mines Zinc
Shelby Group Private Zinc
Shelley Mine Zinc
Sherwood Private Zinc
Silver State Mill Silver State Mining Co. Private Zinc
Silverheels Mine Private Zinc
Smith Tunnel Private Zinc
Snowmass Federal Zinc
Sweet Home Mine Bryan and Karhryn Lees Zinc
Sweet Home Mine Bryan Lees, Private Leaseholder Private Zinc
Tennessee Mine Etienne Ritter Private Zinc
Unknown State Zinc
Unknown National Forest Zinc
Unknown Zinc
Unknown Zinc
Unknown Zinc
Unknown State Zinc
Unknown Private Zinc
Unknown State Zinc
Ute Mine Zinc
Walker & Buffalo Head Mine Federal Zinc
Weber Shaft Federal Zinc
Whale Mine National Forest Zinc
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