Jefferson County, CO Zinc Mines

Zinc Mines in Jefferson County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Augusta Mine Private Zinc
Babe of the Woods L. Schaffnit Underground Zinc
Becky Sharp Thomas Manning Underground Zinc
Buckman Property Private Underground Zinc
Capitol Central Private Zinc
Capitol Central Mine Private Zinc
Cook Property Federal Zinc
F. M. D. Mine Private Underground Zinc
Hosa Lodge Mine Private Underground Zinc
Idledale District Private Unknown Zinc
Ladwig Group L. C. Ladwig Private Zinc
Malachite Mine Private Surface/Underground Zinc
Mena Mine Private Zinc
North Star Mine Brumm, A. G. Private Zinc
Qualla and Young Sampson Lodes Federal Zinc
Ralston Buttes District Private Zinc
Schwartzwalder Mine Cotter Corporation (a General Atomics affiliate) Private Underground Zinc
Union Pacific Shaft Private Zinc
Wright Lease Private Zinc
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