Park County, CO Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Park County, CO

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Aetna County Gold
Ajax Mine Kevin Lawrence National Forest Gold
Allegheny Placer County Gold
Alma Placer & Leaching Plant Timberline Enterprises National Forest Gold
Alma Placers Gold
American General Mining Co. National Forest Gold
American Mill Alma American International Corp. Private Gold
American Mine American Mine Services Federal Gold
Apex Private Gold
Apex Mine J. O'Driscoll And Associates Private Underground Gold
April Fool #1,#3 Private Gold
B F D Private Gold
Badger Boy Shaft Private Gold
Badger Flats Area Private Gold
Balfour Mines Balfour Mines Private Gold
Balfour Mines Balfour Mines Gold
Baltic #1 County Gold
Bearcat Mines Federal Gold
Beaver Creek Placer Gold
Betty Mine American Selco Inc. Private Underground Gold
Betty Mine Private Gold
Black Cloud Group Private Gold
Blanchard County Gold
Bob Roy Shaft Private Gold
Boss Mine Earl Knight National Forest Underground Gold
Buckskin Gulch Placers Gold
Buckskin Joe Gold
Butte Tunnel Private Gold
Can Epps Placer Gold
Canyon Placer Mine Gold
Carey Placer Gold
Centennial Tunnel Federal Gold
Champaign & Coney Claims Private Gold
Champaign and Coney Claim Gold
Champaign and Coney Mines Gold
Champaign Mine Private Underground Gold
Cline Bench Placers Gold
Clipper Lower,Middle,Upper Federal Gold
Copper King Mine Private Gold
Cornish Wall Private Gold
Crescent Mine Alfred Dell, Guffey, Co. And F.M. Woods Investment Co. BLM Administrative Area Underground Gold
Crestline, Bedrock, J.B. Placers Gold
Criterion Mine Private Gold
Deadwood Gulch Placers Gold
Dempsey Private Gold
Denver Mine Private Gold
Disberger Private Gold
Dolly Varden Et Al Gold
Dyer Placer Gold
East London Federal Gold
Emma Federal Gold
Excelsior Mining Group Federal Gold
Finnerty Private Gold
Forest Hill - Goldfield Gold
Forest Hill Park Vein Gold
Fortune Placer Gold
Fraction Federal Gold
Freedom Federal Gold
Gilley Ranch Prospect Clyde Gilley National Forest Underground Gold
Gold Fern Private Gold
Golden County Gold
Golden Calf Unknown Gold
Great West Private Gold
Great Western Mine Private Gold
Grebb Placer Gold
Guffey District, Southeast Gold
Hall Placer Gold
Havighorst Private Gold
Henry D Private Gold
Highland and El Capitan group Gold
Hill Top Mine Gold
Hilltop Mine Gold
Hock Hocking Silver State Mining Co Private Gold
Howbert Private Gold
Ida May, Huebnerite Claims Gold
Idarado Mine Gold
Imperial Private Gold
Independence Federal Gold
Iron Hill Placer National Forest Gold
Iron Mountain Claims Gold
Joe Dandy Federal Gold
John Reed BLM Administrative Area Gold
Jones Rl Mining Claims Federal Gold
Kentucky Belle Mine Private Gold
Key Mine Private Gold
Kidnap Shaft Private Gold
Kivari #1 Private Gold
Kurt Mine Federal Gold
Lincoln Gulch Federal Gold
Ling Private Gold
Little Nell Mine Private Gold
Little Nellie Private Gold
London Extension Mr. Ben Wright National Forest Gold
London Mine group Cobb Resources Corp. Private Gold
Magnolia Mill Private Gold
Magnolia Mine Private Gold
Martha and Twin Cones Placers Gold
Maumee Private Gold
Mcdonald Federal Gold
Michigan Mine Federal Gold
Middle Tarryall Creek Placer Gold
Miller and Sheldon Placers Gold
Missouri Gold
Missouri Mine Federal Gold
Montgomery Gulch Placer Gold
Moose Mine Gold
Morning Star Mine Private Gold
Mosher Shaft Federal Gold
Mosquito Mining District Private Underground Gold
Mud Sill Private Gold
New York Private Gold
North London Mill Private Gold
North London Mine Private Gold
North Tarryall Ck. Placers Gold
North Terryall Creek Placers Gold
Oliver Twist Shaft Private Gold
Ophir Private Gold
Orphan Boy Placer Gold
Ovens #1,#2 Private Gold
Paris Mill Private Gold
Paris Mine Chiwawa Mines Private Gold
Parnell Federal Gold
Peabody Placer Gold
Pennsylvania Mountain Placers Gold
Pennsylvania Tunnel Private Gold
Phillips Mine Col-Oro Crp. Private Gold
Platte River Placers Private Gold
Poor Man's Gulch Placer Gold
Purgatory Gulch Placers Gold
Riche Shaft Private Gold
Sacremento Private Gold
Shamrock-Irish Group Farmington Funding Corp. National Forest Gold
Silver Heels - Grand Union Gold
Silver Star Private Gold
Silver State Mill Silver State Mining Co. Private Gold
Sitting Bull Private Gold
Smuggler Unknown Gold
Snowstorm Gold
South End Shaft Private Gold
South London Private Gold
South London Mine National Forest Gold
South Platte River Placer Gold
Sovenir Private Gold
Spar Mine Private Gold
Ss Tunnel Private Gold
Stoll Placer Gold
Sumich Gold
Sunny South National Forest Gold
Sweet Home Mine Bryan and Karhryn Lees Gold
Tom Dick and Harry Unknown Gold
Troy Private Gold
Unknown National Forest Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unknown Private Gold
Unknown Private Gold
Unknown Private Gold
Unknown Federal Gold
Unknown Federal Gold
Upper Baltic Shaft Private Gold
Upper Four Mile Ck. Placers Gold
Venture Private Gold
Venus Private Gold
Vienna Private Gold
Whale Mine Gold
Whale Mine National Forest Gold
Wheeler Group National Forest Gold
Wilfley Group Robert Wilfley Private Unknown Gold
Wilson Placer Gold
Wyandotte Mine Private Gold
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