San Luis Obispo County, CA Mercury Mines

Mercury Mines in San Luis Obispo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alice Claim Unknown Mercury
Barneberg Mine Mercury
Buckeye Hearst Corp. Underground Mercury
Buckeye Mine Unknown Mercury
Buena Vista Private Mercury
Cambria Williams, Tony Underground Mercury
Cambria Mine Private Mercury
Canitela Mine Unknown Mercury
Cypress Mountain Kenneth Kingsbury Mercury
Cypress Mountain Group Private Mercury
Deer Trail M. H. Stevens Underground Mercury
Deer Trail Mine National Forest Mercury
Doty Walter Warren Unknown Mercury
Doty Group Unknown Mercury
Doty Mine Unknown Mercury
Elizabeth and Winona Group Unknown Mercury
Fitzhugh Ranch Fitzhugh, William Underground Mercury
Fitzhugh Ranch Mine Unknown Mercury
Gambrie Mine Mercury
Gemstone Nos. 1, 2, & 3 Mercury
Gemstone Nos. 1, 2, & 3 Unknown Mercury
Hamilton Walter Warren Underground Mercury
Hamilton Mine Unknown Mercury
Josephine Group Unknown Mercury
Keystone Phelan Land And Cattle Co. Underground Mercury
Keystone Mine Unknown Mercury
Kismet Mercury
Kismet Group Unknown Mercury
Klau Mine H. W. Gould Co. Surface/Underground Mercury
La Libertad Mrs. Margaret Thompson Underground Mercury
La Libertad Mine Unknown Mercury
Little Almaden Hearst Corp. Mercury
Little Almaden Mine Unknown Mercury
Little Bonanza Earl Merrifield And Others Unknown Mercury
Little Bonanza Mine Mercury
Madrone Nicholas A. Marquart Surface/Underground Mercury
Madrone Mine Unknown Mercury
Mahoney Harold J. Biaggini Surface/Underground Mercury
Mahoney Mine Harold J. Biaggini Private Underground Mercury
Marquart J. L. Marquart Mercury
Mercury Belle Mine National Forest Mercury
North Star Unknown Mercury
North Star and Sunset View Hearst Corp. Mercury
Ocean View Hearst Corp. Underground Mercury
Ocean View Mine Unknown Mercury
Oceanic Ernest, Mina, Henry, And Mariana Curti Surface/Underground Mercury
Pine Mountain Hearst Corp. Surface/Underground Mercury
Pine Mountain Mine Unknown Mercury
Polar Star Kenneth Emigh Surface/Underground Mercury
Polar Star Mine Unknown Mercury
Prospect National Forest Mercury
Prospects National Forest Mercury
Quien Sabe Walter Warren Surface/Underground Mercury
Rinconada George Bell, June Anderson, And Carrol Blake Surface/Underground Mercury
Rinconada Mine National Forest Mercury
San Jose Valley Mine National Forest Mercury
San Luis Obispo Mercury
San Luis Obispo Unknown Mercury
Southview Prospect National Forest Mercury
Sunset View Mine Unknown Mercury
Tamley Claim Unknown Mercury
Tamney Fine Enterprises Mercury
Unnamed Prospect National Forest Mercury
Unnamed Prospect Mercury
Unnamed Prospects National Forest Mercury
Vulture Rudolph Mora Surface/Underground Mercury
Vulture Mine Unknown Mercury
Warren Walter Warren Mercury
Warren Prospect Unknown Mercury
Warren Ranch Deposit Unknown Mercury
William Tell C. C. Thompson Mercury
William Tell Mine Unknown Mercury
Williams Williams, Tony Mercury
Williams Prospect Unknown Mercury
Wittenberg Mine Unknown Mercury
Wittenberg Ranch Walter Warren Mercury
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