Monterey County, CA Mercury Mines

Mercury Mines in Monterey County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Botts Victor Botts Mercury
Botts Deposit Military Reservation Mercury
Bryson Mine Mercury
Bryson Mine Military Reservation Mercury
Comstock Mercury
G. W. D. Mine Unknown Mercury
G.W.D. Mine Mercury
Gillette Mine Henry Ludeke, Jr. Underground Mercury
Gillette Prospect Henry Ludeke, Jr. Mercury
Gillette Prospect Mercury
Gillette Prospect Unknown Mercury
Monte Cristo Group Mercury
Monte Cristo Group Military Reservation Mercury
Moore Ranch Wes Moore Mercury
Moore Ranch Unknown Mercury
Old Murry Monte Young Mercury
Old Murry Military Reservation Mercury
Patriquin Mine Surface/Underground Mercury
Patriquin Mine Unknown Mercury
Poppy Prospect Mercury
Poppy Prospect Unknown Mercury
Rattlesnake Project Unknown Mercury
Rattlesnake Prospect R. D. And M. Freeman Mercury
Red Hill Mercury State Mercury
Section 31 Mercury Unknown Mercury
Sommer's Prospect L. J. Sommer Mercury
Sommers Prospect Unknown Mercury
Unnamed Mercury
Unnamed Mercury
Unnamed Occurence Mercury
Unnamed Prospect State Mercury
White Property Mercury
White Property Unknown Mercury
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