Monterey County, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Monterey County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ajax Gold
Alice Quartz Private Gold
Ancona Mine Gold
Balck Crystal Gold
Benn and Smith Claims Gold
Blue Jay No. 1 Gold
Brooklyn Gold
Bushnell Mine Gold
Calizona Gold
Charleston Gold
Condor Group Gold
Cool Springs Gold
East Extension No. 1 Private Gold
Fighting Bob No. 1 Gold
Gilbert Gold
Gillis Claims Gold
Gold Hill Area Private Gold
Gold Ore No. 2 Gold
Goodrich Gold
Gorda Gold
Grizzly Mine Gold
Hammond Calims Gold
Humbug Gold
Kenner Claim Gold
King Gold
Lodi Gold
Lodi No. 2 Or 3 Gold
Logwood Gold
Los Burros Gold
Lucky Jim Gold
Lucky Moe Gold
Mariposa Mine National Forest Gold
Mars Private Gold
Mary 5 Private Gold
Mary S Extension Private Gold
Melville Mine Gold
Miner's Gulch Area Private Gold
New York Claim Gold
Ocean View Mine Private Gold
Old Man of the Mountains Gold
Olivine Claim Lode Gold
Ophir Gold
Oregon Mine Gold
Pine Private Gold
Plaskett Placer Deposit Gold
Queen Hattie Gold
Rocky Bar Gold
Ruby Placer Military Reservation Gold
South Fork Willow Creek Gold
Stonewall Claim Gold
Toro Quartz Gold
Unnamed Prospect Gold
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