San Luis Obispo County, CA Manganese Mines

Manganese Mines in San Luis Obispo County, CA

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Barneberg Mine Manganese
Barneberg Mine Anton Staneuche Manganese
Black Mountain Prospect Manganese
Black Mountain Prospect Fred Williams Manganese
Bluebird Mine Manganese
Egenes Deposit Manganese
Egenes Prospect Manganese
Evans Manganese Prospects Manganese
Evans Prospects W. Evans Manganese
Follet Ranch Prospect Mrs Follet Private Manganese
Hearst Ranch - Marmelejo Creek Deposit Manganese
Hearst Ranch - Red Rock Deposit Manganese
Hearst Ranch-Marmolejo Creek Hearst, William Randolph, Ranch Private Manganese
Hearst Ranch-Red Rock Deposit Hearst, William Randolph, Ranch Private Manganese
Hill Prospect Manganese
Hill Prospect Unknown Manganese
Hobson Claims Manganese
Hobson Claims W. K. Hobson Manganese
Isom Prospect Manganese
Isom Prospect Dave Isom Manganese
Jobe Ranch Mine Manganese
Johe Ranch Deposit Louise E. Serrano Private Manganese
Kester Prospect Manganese
Kester Prospect State Offshore Manganese
Lanscioni Prospect Manganese
Lanscioni Prospect Mrs. Luisa Lancioni Manganese
Marquart Prospect Manganese
Marquart Prospect J. R Marquart Manganese
Mayfield Prospect Manganese
Mayfield Prospect Solon Mayfield Manganese
Mello Prospects Manganese
Mello Prospects D. Mello Private Manganese
Morro Bay Deposit Manganese
Muscio Prospect Manganese
Muscio Prospect Dante Muscio Manganese
O'Connor Ranch Deposits Manganese
O'Connor Ranch Mine Mrs Mary Fischer Private Manganese
Phelan Prospect Manganese
Phelan Prospect Phelan Land And Cattle Co. Manganese
Prefumo Canyon Prospects Manganese
Prefumo Canyon Prospects Staneuche Ranch Manganese
Ricioli Prospect Manganese
Serrano Prospect Manganese
Serrano Prospect Carlos Serrano Manganese
Staneuche Mine Manganese
Staneuche Mine Madonna, Alex And Phyllis Private Manganese
Thompson Deposit Manganese
Tobacco Creek Prospect Manganese
Tobacco Creek Prospect Bodine, William Manganese
Unnamed Manganese Occurrence Private Manganese
Unnamed Manganese Occurrence Unknown Manganese
Vollmer Prospect Manganese
Vollmer Prospect Ernest Vollmer Manganese
Welch Mine Manganese
Welch Mine Manganese
Welch Mine Mr. Welch Private Manganese
Young Deposit Manganese
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