Foresthill, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Foresthill, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Adams Pit Gold
Adams Pit Unknown Gold
Amelia Gold
Amelia Unknown Gold
American Bar National Forest Underground Gold
American Bar Quartz Private Gold
American Bar,Winifred Shirley,Willw Private Gold
Anderson Mine Private Gold
Andeson Pit Private Gold
Anna Sue Mine Private Gold
Anthony Clark Tunnels Unknown Gold
Argonaut & Sunset Private Gold
Armbruster Unknown Gold
Bachelor Pit Private Gold
Bake Oven Placer Private Gold
Bake Oven Placer Private Gold
Baker Divide Private Gold
Baker Divide Private Gold
Baker Ranch Private Gold
Baltimore Gold
Baltimore Unknown Gold
Barnes Private Gold
Beehive Mine Private Gold
Ben Franklin Unknown Gold
Big Bend National Forest Gold
Big Chief Mine Private Gold
Big Dipper Gold
Big Dipper Unknown Gold
Big Gun Private Gold
Big Gun Thompson & Powell Private Gold
Big Spring Gold
Big Spring Unknown Gold
Black & Brown Unknown Gold
Black Hawk Unknown Gold
Blanche National Forest Gold
Blue Jay National Forest Gold
Blue Jay Private Gold
Blue Rock Gold
Boedner Private Gold
Bogus Thunder Private Gold
Bowen Mine Private Gold
Bower Mine Private Gold
Breece & Wheeler Private Gold
Britt Mine Private Gold
Buchanan Unknown Gold
Buckeye Gold
Buckeye Unknown Gold
Buckeye Hill Private Gold
Buckeye Hill Flora Gold
Buckeye Pit Private Gold
Bunker and Nihill National Forest Gold
Burnham Pit Private Gold
Burns Private Gold
Burns Private Gold
Burroughs Tunnel & Burroughs Pit Private Gold
Butte Mine Private Gold
California & Virginia Private Gold
California & Virginia Placer Mines Unknown Gold
California and Virginia Gold
Cambridge Private Gold
Cameron Mine Private Gold
Campbell Gold
Campbell Unknown Gold
Canothos Unknown Gold
Carpenter Ranch National Forest Gold
Champion Underground Gold
Champion Private Gold
Channel Bend Barnes, Bend, Gray Eagle Bar, Mccall Gold
Chinaman's Chance National Forest Gold
Comet Mine Private Gold
Cooley Gold
Cooley Unknown Gold
Cuckoo Private Gold
Daniel Webster Underground Gold
Daniel Webster Mine Private Gold
Dardanelles Gold
Dardanelles Unknown Gold
Darling Mine Private Gold
De Maria Mine John Demaria Private Gold
Deerhorn National Forest Gold
Dewey & Stocker Unknown Gold
Dewey and Stocker National Forest Underground Gold
Dharma Private Gold
Doherty Gold
Doherty Private Gold
Doherty Prospect National Forest Gold
Doherty Prospect Private Gold
Donna's Stake Craig, Steve Dwane Unknown Gold
Dorr Unknown Gold
Dow Unknown Gold
Drummond Mine Underground Gold
Drummond Mine Private Gold
Drummond Pit Private Gold
Dry Hill National Forest Gold
Dry Hill and Blue Jay National Forest Underground Gold
Duffy Property Gold
Duffy Property Gold
Duffy Property Gold
Duffy Property Gold
Duffy Property Gold
Eastman Mine Private Gold
Edinborough Gold
Edinborough Private Gold
Effie Unknown Gold
El Dorado Hill Mine Private Gold
El Dorado Mine East-West Mining And Milling, Inc. Unknown Gold
Elkhorn Private Gold
Eva Lode Gold
Eva Lode Unknown Gold
Excelsior Claim Gold
Excelsior Claim Unknown Gold
Fairview Mines No 1 & 2 Private Gold
Farnier Private Gold
Ferrier Diggings National Forest Gold
Florida & Tilton Private Gold
Forest Hill District Various private owners Private Gold
Foresthill Gold
Forrest Hill Unknown Gold
Franklin Private Gold
Franklin Private Gold
Garbe and De Maria Mine Gold
Garden Springs Consolidated Private Gold
Garfield Gold
Garfield Underground Gold
Garfield Unknown Gold
Gas Hill Private Gold
Georgia Private Gold
Georgia Hill Mines Gold
Georgia Hill Mines Unknown Gold
Gillespie Unknown Gold
Gleeson Diggings Private Gold
Gleeson Diggings Private Gold
Gold Channel Mining Co. Unknown Gold
Gold Streak Unknown Gold
Golden Chief Mine Wayne Sowle Private Gold
Golden Gate Mine Private Gold
Golden Gem Private Gold
Golden Sheaf Private Gold
Golden Sheaf Mine National Forest Gold
Gorman Private Gold
Gray Eagle Cliff Gold
Gray Eagle Cliff Unknown Gold
Green Gold
Green Private Gold
Grey Eagle Private Gold
Grizzly Canyon & Weber Co Unknown Gold
Harkness Private Gold
Hazard Mine Jim Russell Private Gold
Hermit Private Gold
Hoffman Pit Wayne Sowle Private Gold
Home Stake National Forest Gold
Homestake Private Gold
Homestake Private Gold
Homestake Unknown Gold
Hope Gold
Hope Unknown Gold
Hornby Mine Private Gold
Horseshoe Bar Private Gold
Horseshoe Bar & Boston Bar Private Gold
Hosmer Private Gold
Hydraulic Mine Private Gold
Imperial Mine Private Gold
Independence Gold
Independence Private Gold
Independent Gold
Independent Unknown Gold
Iowa Hill Unknown Gold
Iron Quartz Unknown Gold
Jay E. Russel Claim Unknown Gold
Jay E. Russell Claim Gold
Johnny Rafael Private Gold
Josephine Gold
Josephine Gold
Josephine Unknown Gold
Josephine Mine Private Gold
Josephine Shields Gold
Julia Claim Private Gold
Jupiter Private Gold
Kates Norris Gold
Kenna Gold
Kenna Private Gold
Kentucky Flat Gold
Kentucky Flat Unknown Gold
Keokuk Private Gold
Kings Hill Quartz Prospect Gold
Ladies Canyon Private Gold
Last Chance Underground Gold
Last Chance Gold
Last Chance Unknown Gold
Lebanon Unknown Gold
Lehigh Private Gold
Lightfoot Pit Private Gold
Lightfoot Tunnel Private Gold
Live Oak Gold
Live Oak Unknown Gold
Lloyd Mine Private Gold
Lookout and K. K. Unknown Gold
Lookout and K.K. Underground Gold
Lookout and K.K. Gold
Manhattan Private Gold
Marian Private Gold
Marigold Unknown Gold
Marigold National Forest Gold
Mary Anna Mine Private Gold
Mascot Unknown Gold
Maus Tunnel Unknown Gold
Mayflower Gold
Mayflower Unknown Gold
Mayflower Gravel Mng Co Gold
Mc Geechin Placer Gold Mng Co Gold
Mc Geechin Placer Gold Mng Co Unknown Gold
Mc Kinley Mine Private Gold
Mcaloney Placer Private Gold
Michigan Bluff Gold
Michigan Bluff District Various private owners National Forest Gold
Middle Fork Gold
Middle Fork Gold
Middle Fork Private Gold
Mississippi Gold
Mississippi Unknown Gold
Missouri Gold
Missouri Unknown Gold
Missouri Unknown Gold
Mitter Slope National Forest Gold
Mohawk National Forest Gold
Montana Unknown Gold
Montana Gold
Montana Unknown Gold
Mosquito Ridge Mine Unknown Gold
Moss Ledge Gold
Moss Ledge Unknown Gold
Mount Gregory Gold
Mount Gregory Unknown Gold
Mountain Tunnel Bequette, A. C. Gold
Mountain Tunnel Unknown Gold
Muir Mine Private Gold
Muir Tunnel Claim Private Gold
Murzo Private Gold
Murzo Brass Gold
National Unknown Gold
New Black Jack Unknown Gold
New York & Refuge Canyon Unknown Gold
Norris Unknown Gold
Novis Gold
Novis Unknown Gold
Occidental Private Gold
Old Jupiter Gold
Old Jupiter Unknown Gold
Oro Private Gold
Oro & Dardanelles Unknown Gold
Owl Creek Gold
Owl Creek Unknown Gold
Paragon Private Gold
Paragon Prospect Private Gold
Pat Tuck Mine Private Gold
Paymaster Gold
Paymaster Gold
Paymaster Unknown Gold
Peckham Hill Gold Mines Inc Private Gold
Peckham Hill Gold Mines Inc Private Gold
Pegasus Mine Pegasus Mining, Inc Unknown Gold
Perkins Cons Gold
Perkins Consolidated Gold
Perkins Consolidated National Forest Gold
Peters Mine Private Gold
Pioneer Fluming Co Unknown Gold
Pioneer Slope Unknown Gold
Pleasant Bar Private Gold
Pond Pit Gold
Prospect Unknown Gold
Prospect Unknown Gold
Prospect Private Gold
Prospects 2 Gold
Quartz Canyon Gold
Quartz Canyon Unknown Gold
Rainbow Land Mine Private Gold
Ralston Divide Gravel Mine Private Gold
Ralston Mine Private Gold
Rattlesnake Private Gold
Red Diggings Gold
Red Hill & Van Emon Private Gold
Red Ink Maid Mine Sykova, Richard Gold
Rio Del Oro Gold
Rio Del Oro Unknown Gold
Rough & Ready Unknown Gold
Rubicon Private Gold
Rubicon National Forest Gold
Rubicon and Alhambra? Gold
Ruby Consolidated Gold
Ruby Consolidated Gold
Ruby Consolidated Ruby H. Bryant National Forest Gold
Russel Mine Private Gold
Sailors Union Hydraulic Mine Private Gold
San Francisco Unknown Gold
San Jose Keystone Gold
Santa Rosa Gold
Santa Rosa Unknown Gold
Sellier Private Gold
Shoestring Unknown Gold
Small Hope Gold
Small Hope Unknown Gold
Spanish Unknown Gold
Spanish Mine National Forest Gold
Specimen Pit Unknown Gold
Spring Canyon Gold
Spring Canyon Unknown Gold
St George Unknown Gold
Stoney Bar Private Gold
Three Queens National Forest Underground Gold
Three Queens Private Gold
Thundering Bar National Forest Gold
Tickell Mine Private Gold
Trench Surface Gold
Trench Yellow Jacket Gold
Turkey Hill Cons Private Gold
Twenty-One Unknown Gold
Unknown Gold
Unnamed National Forest Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Mine Unknown Gold
Unnamed Pit Unknown Gold
Unnamed Pit Unknown Gold
Virtle Unknown Gold
Volcano Private Gold
Volcano Private Gold
Volo Gold
Walsh Private Gold
Washburn Mine Private Gold
Washington Mine Underground Gold
Washington Mine Private Gold
Webster Gold
Webster Underground Gold
Webster Private Gold
Weske Private Gold
West Quartz National Forest Gold
West Quartz Claim Private Gold
White Mine Private Gold
Wiedebush Gold
Wiedebush Gold
Wiedebush Unknown Gold
Wills Private Gold
Wilton Gold
Wilton Unknown Gold
Worthington Gold
Worthington Unknown Gold
Yankee Jim Diggings Gold
Yellowjacket Unknown Gold
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