Weimar, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Weimar, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alameda Surface/Underground Gold
Annie Laurie Surface/Underground Gold
Annie Laurie Unknown Gold
Bauer Unknown Gold
Baver David Bauer Underground Gold
Bear River Unknown Gold
Belle Union D. Jones Underground Gold
Belle Union D. Jones Gold
Belle Union Unknown Gold
Big John Surface/Underground Gold
Big-John Unknown Gold
Black Oak Underground Gold
Black Oak Unknown Gold
Brushy Creek Gold
Brushy Creek Unknown Gold
Buena Vista Unknown Gold
Calif. Chief Development Co. Gold
Derby & Wild Cat Unknown Gold
Derby and Wild Cat J. A. Ware Gold
Devon Mine Gold
Devon Mine Unknown Gold
Eureka Unknown Gold
Eureka Cons. Gold
Forest Hill Divide Mine Unknown Gold
Hinchy Gold
International Patrick Mcinnis Gold
International Unknown Gold
Live Oak Ravine Surface/Underground Gold
Live Oak Ravine Unknown Gold
Pear Tree & Necessity Unknown Gold
Pear Tree and Necessity C. M. Langstaff, M. Savage Gold
Red Bird Cons Unknown Gold
Red Bird Consolidated G. A. Tubbs Underground Gold
Ruby Eddie H. Hinchey Underground Gold
Ruby Unknown Gold
Specimen Gulch Unknown Gold
Specimen Gulch Prospects Gold
Tigar Mine Eddie H. Hinchey Surface/Underground Gold
Tiger Unknown Gold
Unidentified Workings Gold
Unidentified Workings Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed Underground Gold
Unnamed National Forest Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Unnamed Location Unknown Gold
Whiskey Tunnel Gold
Whiskey Tunnel Unknown Gold
Zelma Bell Unknown Gold
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