Dutch Flat, CA Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Dutch Flat, California

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Ada Bell Gold
Ada Bell Unknown Gold
Alta Gold
Alta Unknown Gold
American Gold
American Unknown Gold
American Private Gold
American G. M. Unknown Gold
Aurora Gold
Aurora Unknown Gold
Bartley Private Gold
Bear River Private Gold
Big Blue Underground Gold
Bradley & Gardner Private Gold
Bradley and Gardner Gold
Bradley and Gardner Unknown Gold
Buckeye Diggings Gold
Buckeye Diggings Unknown Gold
Bull Run Private Gold
Cascade Blue Gravel Unknown Gold
Casenta Gold
Casenta Unknown Gold
Catherine Gold
Catherine Unknown Gold
Chalk Mountain Blue Gravel Unknown Gold
Charter Oak Gold
Charter Oak Unknown Gold
Citizens Bank Nevada Co. Claim American G.M. Gold
Con. Junction Gold
Con. Junction Unknown Gold
Consolidated Junction Private Gold
Crescent Gold
Deep Blue Gold
Deep Blue Unknown Gold
Deer Creek Gold
Delmus Group Private Gold
Dutch Flat and Franklin Gold
Dutch Flat and Franklin Unknown Gold
Dutch Flat Canyon Gold
Dutch Flat Canyon Private Gold
Dutch Flat Canyon Unknown Gold
Dutch Flat District Various private owners National Forest Gold
Dutch Flat Townsite Private Gold
Dyer Private Gold
Earthquake Gold
Earthquake Unknown Gold
Elmore Hill Unknown Gold
Federal Private Gold
Flying Fish Private Gold
Gold Star Placer National Forest Gold
Golden Shaft Private Gold
Good Hope Gold
Good Hope Unknown Gold
Hartung Gold
Hartung Unknown Gold
Hoose Private Gold
Iowa Hill Gold
J L Gould Group Private Gold
Knox Placer Mines Gold
Knox Placer Mines Unknown Gold
M W and A Dredge National Forest Gold
Margarita Gold
Margarita Unknown Gold
Mary Red Private Gold
Mount Oro Gold
Mount Oro Unknown Gold
Mutual Gold
Mutual Unknown Gold
New Year Gold
New Years Gold
New Years Unknown Gold
No. Deer Creek and No. Deer Creek Ext. Gold
North Star Private Gold
North Star Mine Underground Gold
Ohio & Cologne Gold
Ohio and Cologne Unknown Gold
Phoenix Private Gold
Pioneer Gold
Polar Star Private Gold
Quaker Hill National Forest Gold
Quaker Hill Blue Gravel Gold
Quaker Hill Blue Gravel Unknown Gold
Red Dog Group National Forest Gold
Reported Locations Gold
Reported Locations Unknown Gold
Residue Gold
Residue Unknown Gold
Sailor Flat Gold
Sailor Or Brown Co. Unknown Gold
Scotts Flat District Private Private Gold
Shady Glen Gold
Shady Glen Unknown Gold
Smilax Gold
Smilax Unknown Gold
Southern Cross Private Gold
Southern Cross Private Gold
Stewart Mine Gates And Fox Co. Unknown Gold
Sunrise Gold
Sunrise Unknown Gold
Union Gold
Unison Private Gold
Vermont Gold
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