Chitina, AK Lead Mines

Lead Mines in Chitina, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Chititu Creek Lead
Five Mile Creek Private Lead
Great Northern Development Company Lead
Kennecott Mines Lead
Kennicott Mine Lead
Kennicott Mine Lead
Mccune Glacier - Placer National Forest Lead
O'Hara Lead
O'Hara Hunt, Howard J., Et Al. Federal Lead
Opal Prospect Lead
Porcupine Private Lead
Silver Star Lead
Silver Star Paul Joseph Barry, Melvin N. Barry, Francis W. Barry Federal Lead
Standard Mines Lead
Standard Mines Co. Federal Lead
Unnamed Lead
Unnamed (below McCune/Heney Glaciers) Lead
Unnamed (Dick Creek drainage) Lead
Unnamed (Don Miller Hills area) Lead
Unnamed (north wall of Shiels Glacier) Lead
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