Chitina, AK Copper Mines

Copper Mines in Chitina, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
A.K. Crawford Mixed Copper
Alaska Copper Mines Federal Copper
Alaska Kotsina Copper Co. Warren Taylor Federal Copper
Albert Johnson Prospect Underground Copper
Ammann Prospect Underground Copper
Amy Creek Copper
Amy Creek Federal Copper
Angus Macdougall Private Copper
Bearhole Creek Federal Copper
Bearhole Creek Copper
Benito Creek Private Copper
Benito Creek Prospect Surface Copper
Berg Creek Private Copper
Big Horn Copper
Big Horn John H. Huber Federal Copper
Blackburn Copper
Blackburn Federal Copper
Blackney Prospect Copper
Bluebird Prospect National Park Copper
Bonanza Kennecott Kennecott Copper Corp. Mixed Copper
Bunker Hill Copper Prospect National Park Copper
Calcite Copper
Canyon Creek Private Copper
Cape Yakataga Fennimore Co. Federal Copper
Cave Prospect Underground Copper
Chitina River Prospect Copper
Chitina-Kuskulana Copper Co. Private Copper
Chititu Creek Copper
Chitty Lode Mixed Copper
Chokosna River Federal Copper
Clear Creek Great Northern Development Co. Mixed Copper
Copper King Federal Copper
Copper King Mixed Copper
Copper King Prospect National Park Copper
Copper Mountain 1-6 L. P. M. Falck National Forest Copper
Copper Queen Copper
Coronado Copper Private Copper
Crumb Gulch Copper
Dan Creek Raymond Trotochau Mixed Copper
Dan Creek Placers Copper
Divide Creek Prospect Copper
Donoho Peak Wrangell Mining Co. Federal Copper
Elephants Tail Federal Copper
Eli Federal Copper
Elizabeth Prospect Surface/Underground Copper
Erie Kennecott Copper Corp. Mixed Copper
Falls Creek Prospect Underground Copper
Fepco Federal Copper
Forget-Me-Not Federal Copper
Forget-Me-Not Prospect National Park Copper
Fourth of July Creek Copper
Glacier Gulch Federal Copper
Good Enough Copper
Good Enough Federal Copper
Goodyear Prospect Copper
Great Northern Development Company Copper
Green Butte Copper
Green Butte Green Butte Copper Co. Mixed Copper
Guthrie Prospect Copper
Henry Prather Prospect Copper
Hidden Creek Knutson, Howard J., Et Al. Federal Copper
Hidden Treasure Copper
Hidden Treasure Federal Copper
Homestake and New Home Copper
Houghton Alaska Walter P. Wigger Mixed Copper
Hubbard Elliott Mine Private Copper
Irish-Karen Federal Copper
Iron Mountain Private Copper
Jumbo Mine Kennecott Copper Corp. Mixed Copper
Kals Federal Copper
Kennecott Mine Copper
Kennecott Mines Copper
Kennecott Unpatented Claims Coastal Mining Co. Mixed Copper
Kennicott Copper River, Chitina Copper
Kennicott Mine Copper
Kennicott Mine Copper
Kimberly 1-16 Ransome Williams Federal Copper
Kinney-Golden Copper
Kinney-Golden Federal Copper
Kotsina River Federal Copper
Lakina Copper
Lakina Copper Co. Wrangell Mountain Mining Co. Federal Copper
Larson Federal Copper
Last Lode Mixed Copper
Leland and Lawton Claims Copper
Lime Creek Copper
Lime Creek Federal Copper
London and Cape Copper
London and Cape Walter Wigger Private Copper
Lost Cabin Federal Copper
Lost Cabin Extension Copper
Louise Prospect Copper
Mary Ellen Prospect Copper
Mayflower Copper
Mayflower Federal Copper
Mccarthy Creek Harold D. And Ester Dewitt Federal Copper
Midas Copper
Mineral Creek Copper
Mineral Creek Warren Taylor Federal Copper
Mineral King Prospect National Park Copper
Mother Lode Kennecott Copper Corp. Mixed Copper
Mountain Boy Prospect National Park Copper
Mountain Sheep Prospect National Park Surface/Underground Copper
Mullen Prospect Surface/Underground Copper
Natural Arches (north of Bering Glacier) Copper
Nebraska Copper
Nikolai Copper
Nikolai 1-22, 24-116 Inexco Oil Co. Mixed Copper
Nizina 1-5 Henry Schulze Federal Copper
Peacock Creek Copper
Peacock Creek Federal Copper
Peacock Prospect Copper
Pierson Copper
Porphyry Mountain Copper
Rarus Private Copper
Regal Copper
Regal Regal Mines Co. Federal Copper
Roaring Creek Copper
Schultze Copper
Shower Gulch Copper
Shower Gulch Federal Copper
Silver Star Copper
Silver Star Paul Joseph Barry, Melvin N. Barry, Francis W. Barry Federal Copper
Skyscraper Copper
Skyscraper Federal Copper
Snow Bird Copper
Snowbird Johnny L. Wilson Federal Copper
Spirit Mountain Copper
Spirit Mountain Valdez Mines Ltd. Private Copper
Spirit Mountain Prospect Copper
Standard Mines Co. Federal Copper
Strelna Creek Copper
Strelna Creek Federal Copper
Subline Mine 1-3 G. S. Lichter Federal Copper
Surprise Creek Copper
Surprise Creek Prospect Copper
Taral Creek Federal Copper
Taylor Copper
Taylor John S. Taylor Mixed Copper
Tjosevig Copper
Tjosevig Prospect Federal Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed Copper
Unnamed (Dick Creek drainage) Copper
Unnamed (Don Miller Hills area) Copper
Unnamed Occurrence National Park Copper
Valdez Copper
War Eagle Copper
Warner Copper
Warner John Huber Federal Copper
Westover Copper
White Creek Eula Vickery Mixed Copper
Young Creek Copper
Young Creek Michael L. And Mary Steward Federal Copper
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