Chitina, AK Gold Mines

Gold Mines in Chitina, Alaska

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Alaska Gold King Mines Inc. Federal Gold
Amy Creek Federal Gold
Amy Creek Federal Gold
Anzak 4-5 Walter Wigger Mixed Gold
Bear Mine Group Federal Gold
Benito Creek Private Gold
Benito Creek Prospect Surface Gold
Berg Creek Private Gold
Blackburn Gold
Bluebird Prospect National Park Gold
Bremmer River Federal Gold
Bremner Mining Co. Federal Gold
Calamity Gulch Federal Gold
Cape Yakataga Fennimore Co. Federal Gold
Chichokna Nos. 1-15 Federal Gold
Chititu Creek Gold
Chitty Lode Mixed Gold
Copper King Mixed Gold
Copper River Tributary - Placer National Forest Gold
Crumb Gulch Gold
Crumb Gulch Federal Gold
Dan Creek Raymond Trotochau Mixed Gold
Dan Creek Lodes Mixed Gold
Dan Creek Placers Gold
Dottie National Wilderness Gold
Elephants Tail Federal Gold
Escape Mixed Gold
Five Mile Creek Private Gold
Forget-Me-Not Federal Gold
Golconda Creek Gold
Golconda Creek Federal Gold
Gold Queen Roy Trotochau Federal Gold
Grand Prize Gold
Great Northern Development Company Gold
Hidden Treasure Federal Gold
Hubbard Elliott Mine Private Gold
J. Brennan Federal Gold
John Billim Private Gold
John Billum Jr. Private Gold
Kennicott Copper River, Chitina Gold
Kiagna River Federal Gold
Kiagna River Gold
King Res. Co. Federal Gold
La Tendre Gold
Letendre Mixed Gold
Linda L. Federal Gold
Little Bremner River Federal Gold
Little Bremner River Placer National Park Gold
Lucky Girl Gold
Lucky Six Group Private Gold
Mary Ellen Prospect Gold
May Creek Mixed Gold
Mccarthy Creek Harold D. And Ester Dewitt Federal Gold
Mccune Glacier - Placer National Forest Gold
Midas Gold
Mineral Creek Gold
Mineral Creek Warren Taylor Federal Gold
Monahan Creek Federal Gold
Mountain Boy Prospect National Park Gold
Mullen Prospect Surface/Underground Gold
Nelson Mixed Gold
North Midas Copper Co. Private Gold
Opal Prospect Gold
Pierson Gold
Porphyry Mountain Gold
Porphyry Mountain Federal Gold
Standard Creek Federal Gold
Standard Mines Gold
Standard Mines Co. Federal Gold
Taylor Gold
Taylor John S. Taylor Mixed Gold
Three Mile Canyon National Park Gold
Tiekel River Placer Occurrence Gold
Unicorn Federal Gold
Unnamed Gold
Unnamed (below McCune/Heney Glaciers) Gold
Unnamed (below Shiels Glacier) Gold
Unnamed (Bremner River aboveThreemile Canyon) Gold
Unnamed (head of Martin Creek) Gold
Unnamed (north wall of Shiels Glacier) Gold
Unnamed (tributary to Copper River) Gold
Unnamed Occurrence Mixed Gold
Unnamed Occurrence Federal Gold
White Creek Eula Vickery Mixed Gold
White River Federal Gold
White River State Gold
White River Gold
Windy 2 State Gold
Yakataga (between Cape Yakataga and White River) Gold
Yakataga (west of Cape Yakataga) Gold
Yakataga River Alaska Mining And Processing Corp.,Ltd. Private Gold
Yellow Band Federal Gold
Yellowband Gold
Young Creek Gold
Young Creek Michael L. And Mary Steward Federal Gold
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