Greenwood County, SC Mines

Mines in Greenwood County, SC

Mine Owner Land Status Work Type Minerals
Benjamin Granite Quarry Private Stone, Dimension
Bradley Mine Private Gold
Bradley Mine Gold
Bradley Prospect Private Gold
Greenwood Granite Quarry Private Surface Stone, Crushed
Jones Shale Pit Private Surface Clays
Lone Star Industries, Inc. Lone Star Industries, Inc. Private Stone, Crushed
Maddens-Kernals Private Vermiculite
Martins Kiln Limestone
Mountain Creek Prospect Gold
Mrs. Mary Robinson Property Private Aluminum
Ninety Six Mine East Private Clays
Ninety Six Mine West Private Clays
Ninety Six Mine West and East Southern Brick Co. Private Clays
Piedmont Kyn Belt Andalusite-Kyanite-Sillmanite
Unidentified Granite Quarry Private Surface Stone
Stone, Crushed
Ware Shoals Division Private Surface Sand and Gravel
Werts Shale Pit Private Surface Clays
Wilson Quarry Stone, Crushed
Young Mine Private Gold
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